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Experience Hassle-Free Transportation to and from the Shore this Summer with Corporate Sedan Service

by Admin on Apr 24, 2019 12:06:49 PM

Summer is almost here, and the dreaded summer travel is on most of our minds. We at Corporate Sedan Service, the leading luxury car and limo service to and from the Philadelphia airport and local residences, understand these issues and are excited to offer stress-free summer transportation options to the beautiful East Coast beach locations. Let’s take a closer look at what your summer travel might look like.

Scenario #1:

 The house is in complete disarray. There are suitcases half-packed in each room, the coolers are filled to the brim with water bottles, sodas, lunch meat, and miscellaneous perishables and kitchen supplies, and the whole family is dreaming about their vacation to the beach house. As excited as you are to soak in the sun, walk the boards, and enjoy quality time with your family, the one thing nagging you in the back of your mind is how you’re all getting there! Highways from New York City and Philadelphia are bound to be clogged with eager (or, more likely, extremely impatient) beachgoers, and the overcrowded and overstuffed car will get stiflingly hot during the constant stop-and-go traffic while you look longingly at the 65 mph speed limit sign you eventually crawl past. You finally arrive at the house after what felt like two lifetimes, and then, before relief kicks in, you notice that there are no vacant parking spaces remotely near your home.

Ouch, right?

Scenario #2:

 The house is still a mess, and everyone's racing around packing their things for summer vacation at the beach house. There’s no way to prevent that - it comes with the territory. As everything finally gets together, however, your mind is not on driving to the shore at all. You are calm and relaxed as you get all the suitcases and coolers in line at the front door. 11:15 a.m. arrives, and you hear a car quietly parking at the curb. You look out the window at the sleek black van and the chauffeur in the driver’s seat. As your family excitedly moves the vacation supplies to the spacious trunk of the van, you close the garage and lock the door. In the van, the chauffeur waits until everyone is sitting comfortably and seat belts are on before setting off to your beach house. Traffic is as terrible as was expected, but you hardly notice as you sit back and close your eyes as cool air from the vents brushes your face. Finally, the van pulls up to the front of your beach house. Relief sets in as the van pulls away, your family walks right into the house, and the smell of warm salty air reminds you that the beach and ocean are close at hand.

 Not too bad, huh?

 Summer travel can be a stressful and inescapable reality for most people, and the larger the family, the harder it can be to keep everything and everyone in line. But, what if the first scenario didn’t have to be yours? What if it could be more like the second one? Summer vacation is a time for rest, relaxation, and sandcastles - why should it be dampened by uncomfortable and tedious travel stress?

 Whether you need a Philadelphia airport limo service, a car service to Newark, or a van pick-up from the Atlantic City International Airport, we at Corporate Sedan Service encourage you to give us a call or set up a convenient pick-up date and time with our 24-hour online reservation tool today!

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