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Why Private Sedan, Car or Limousine Service Makes Sense


You have many choices on the table when choosing the best way to get from your home or Hotel to the airport. You have the same type of choices for ground transportation from the airport back to your home or office.

The most significant decision you need to make getting started with your travel arrangements is selecting private service, shuttle service or shared ride service. In this blog post we will explain why we feel that private service is the best choice for many reasons and even though it may seem more expensive on the surface, many times it pays off to have made private arrangements as oppose to the others.

Before we get started, we want to offer you other, related information that should help your understanding of executive car service, limousine airport service or other types of private ground transportation services::


For those that don’t understand the primary differences between hiring private car service and shuttle service, here is the difference. Most types of shuttle services build their schedule (and therefore your schedule) around what is the most profitable configuration of airport transportation. Compare that philosophy to what private limousine service or private service in any vehicle adheres to. When booking private service to an airport, all scheduling and service is based around your instructions. The vehicle is for your use only. Therefore, there is no need to schedule pick up times or drop off routes in the companies best interest. All of this scheduling is done in the customers best interest.

That’s reason enough to choose private service over shuttle or shared ride service. The only obstacle moving forward is the difference of price. Typically shuttle or shared ride services are less expensive. But as you’ll see from real life examples below, you need to place a value on your own time not to mention the many more things that can, and do go wrong when using a shuttle type ground transportation service.


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Below are some real time experiences from airport travelers, hotel travelers both family vacation oriented and business travelers:

Experience #1:

One couple wrote a review to Consumer Affairs just last month explaining how their shared ride/shuttle service simply didn’t show up. When the customer called to get some answers, both company and customer realized that who ever was responsible for scheduling missed this pick up. Yes, that could happen to any transportation company (FYI: never happened to us) but it the complexity of the scheduling that often contributes to experiences like this.

Experience #2:

Remember that shuttle and shared ride service will normally tell you what the pick up time will be when traveling to the airport. In this next case, an individual tried to schedule his ride with plenty of time to spare but the shuttle service “recommended” a 30 minute difference (obviously to make their own schedule work). The problems arise when the driver shows up a mere 15 minutes late with the passenger unaware that there was another stop after his. They missed the flight. In this case, did the passenger save any money by using a shuttle? Not only didn’t they save money but I’m sure you can relate to the additional stress that comes along with this type of experience.

Experience #3:

Logistics that just don’t mesh with anything that will make sense. In this case a woman needed to get to JFK airport from approximately an hour away. Because most shuttle and shared ride service run on a predetermined schedule she was not able to get on a shuttle leaving after 3:30pm for a 9:30pm flight. So now we are starting our travel experience on a bad note forcing the passenger to kill 4 hours at the airport. How much money is your time worth? Upon return to JFK Airport she was told her shuttle was scheduled for 9:15pm which seemed to work well for this passenger as she only had a carry on and knew she would be ready to go quickly. When she discovered no vehicle there she called and according to the passenger was lied to and told her van was 10 minutes away. This is a somewhat regular problem when not using private service as the customer service people are taught how to keep passengers calm and waiting by telling untruths. Again, this is because it’s the passenger that has to work around whatever the schedule presents that day as oppose to having a vehicle designated for that passenger and always waiting for the passenger instead of the other way around.

Experience #4:

A professional event planner and corporate travel planner thought she had discovered a new and better way to get to the airport (Philadelphia in this case) herself. She had a red eye flight booked for approximately 1:00am. The shuttle company took the prepaid reservation and told her she would be picked up between 10:24 and 10:39pm. This tactic gives the false sense of security as you then have the image they work everything down to the minute. Not true. At 11:00pm this passenger was told they had a shortage of vehicles and she had a 10 to 15 minutes to get a taxi cab instead. This episode repeated itself upon return as well.

The other problem that typically goes along with this type of unreliable service are the professionals that tend to get hired to speak to angry customers. Many times it is difficult to even get an apology let alone a refund. Corporate Sedan Service actually started as a shuttle service but the owner was quick to realize that excellent, prompt and dependable service, especially when it comes to airport transportation was much more important than a cut rate price. Since 1996 we have eliminated shuttle service and only provide private service. When you’re making travel arrangements to the airport for business or vacation remember this:
  • Using private service allows you to determine the pick up time
  • When returning home, a private car service will have your vehicle waiting for you.
  • The private car, limousine or van you hire is yours alone so no other stops are scheduled
  • Private car service survives on a higher degree of customer service.
  • When all variables are considered, loyalty to a private car service becomes more evident.

private car service to the airport




Every one would like to save a few dollars when they can but in the case of airport car service we encourage you to think twice. Corporate Sedan Service has built it’s business and proven this point again and again over the past 20 years. We are extremely happy to say that our customers show their loyalty over and over again. We believe this is mostly true because of the inherent difference between private car service and a shuttle or shared ride service.

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Why Private Sedan, Car or Limousine Service Makes Sense

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