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10 Things You Can’t (Or Probably Shouldn’t Do) In A Limousine

limousine_service_etiquetteWHY SOME LIMO RIDES GO WRONG:

Whether they’re for personal or business reasons, most rides in a limo happen without any drama or complications. But as with everything else in life, there’s always the chance that things can go wrong. To make sure your next ride in a limo is relaxing and incident-free, read this article and reduce the risk of hassle, stress or other possible problems.

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Below are 10 tips to consider when getting ready to enjoy a limousine or sedan experience. Although some of these may be obvious, we will always try to help our customers have the best possible experience whether it’s a ride to the airport or a night out on the town with the guys… or girls.

Avoid some of these common mistakes when riding in a limousine or sedan:

1. The Use Of Drugs:

The general rule of thumb is that if it’s illegal anywhere else, it’s also illegal in a limo. Don’t even think about bringing or using illegal drugs during your ride. In addition to being against the law, using drugs in a limo puts your driver at risk if the authorities believe that he or she was complicit in your drug use.We know this is a no brainier and over 20 years of providing service, none of our customers ever made this risky decision.

2. Smoking:

These days, most limousine companies’ contracts forbid the use of cigarettes and other tobacco products in their vehicles. Here’s why: the soft surfaces in a limo are odor magnets, which means the smell of cigarettes will linger long after the smokers have left. Think of how unpleasant that will make the ride for the next passengers. In fact, many limo companies will levy a hefty cleaning fee if you smoke in their vehicles. Can’t live without your smokes? Most chauffeurs will be happy to stop and accommodate a cigarette break if you ask ahead of time, and provided you smoke outside the vehicle.

3. Questionable Business Operations:

Conducting business in a limo is the very image of power and success – provided that business is legitimate. A limo is definitely not the place for running an escort service, a gambling ring, or an organized crime syndicate. All kidding aside, engaging in any kind of illegal activity will result in the immediate cancellation of your contract with the limo company (not to mention some serious jail time).

4. Drinking (If You’re Under Age):

There is no grey area here. No matter what the occasion is, and no matter how dark the windows may be tinted, no one under the age of 21 is allowed to consume alcohol in a limo. Period.

5. Having More Passengers Than Your Limousine Can Seat Safely:

If you’ve booked an eight-passenger limo, your chauffeur is not going to be happy if 12 people show up. This isn’t the time for trying to break the world record for most passengers in a vehicle. Your chauffeur is responsible for the safety of everyone inside a limo. Too many passengers is more than unsafe – it’s illegal.

6. Engaging In Lewd Acts:

Sure, limos have privacy screens. And yes, your driver may not be able to see what’s going on inside the passenger area once that screen’s been raised, but have some consideration for the party that rents the vehicle after you. Remember that any kind of cleanup will become your financial responsibility if you leave the limo in less-than-perfect condition.

7. Loud Arguments Or Making A Scene:

Trust us on this one: your chauffeur, your fellow passengers, and any nearby pedestrians do not want to hear the details of your loud, drunken, and/or emotional rants and arguments. Situations can spin out of control very quickly, especially if there’s alcohol involved. If things get out of hand in a limo, suggest that everyone take a few minutes for some quiet time. If the driver asks you to settle down, don’t become abusive – that, too, can result in the cancellation of your contract.

8. Making A Mess:

A limo is not the place to be sick or to re-enact the epic food fight scene from Animal House. As with smoking, you are likely to be assessed a cleaning fee for any messes you leave behind at the end of the ride. Take a close look at your rental contract before you sign on the dotted line: many of these documents prohibit food items in a limo because of their odors or the likelihood of messy spills.

9. Damaging The Limousine:

If your friends love a good old-fashioned brawl or wrestling match after a night out on the town, perhaps you’ll want to re-consider renting a limo with them. You are responsible for any damage done to any part of the limo while your party is in it. That includes physical damage to the seats, the wet bar, the TV screens, the stereo system, etc. These vehicles represent a significant capital investment for the limo company, and they provide the means for your chauffeur’s livelihood.

10. Horsing Around With The Sunroof:

You know all those scenes in the movies where the actors are standing up through the limo’s open sunroof, or sitting on the edge of it, while the vehicle rolls down the street? Guess what? Those things are all done for dramatic effect. Yep – they’re against the rules. In fact, many companies will close and lock the sunroof while the limo is moving. Want to get that great shot of everyone standing up and waving out of the sunroof? Wait until the limo is stopped and in park – that way everyone can stay safe and still enjoy a fun photo op.

limo_services_philadelphiaCOMMON SENSE WILL PROTECT YOU:

20 years of providing ground transportation services in limousines, sedans, vans and mini buses has been quite the experience and we have seen it all. This article is just a friendly read to remind anyone using private limousine service some basic etiquette that many times can be overlooked. If you ever have questions about getting the most from your limo experience, call us and ask if you think it might help.

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10 Things You Can’t (Or Probably Shouldn’t Do) In A Limousine

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