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How is the Sedan Service Industry Changing?

Part 2 of an Inside Interview with a Car Service President:

Editor’s Note: In an earlier blog post , we sat down with Gregg Fox, President and Chief Operating Officer of Corporate Sedan Services, to ask him what it takes to run a successful car service these days. In Part 2 of our interview, we continue our conversation with Fox. Today’s subjects? Changes and the future.

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Interview #2 With A Airport Transportstion Insider:

As stated above, this is “Part 2” of an interview we had with the Owner of Corporate Sales Service. This is interview will help so many of the traveling public and business world because airport travel and ground transportation in general is such an important part of many different businesses..

Below are the Questions we asked and the Answers offered by a very knowledgable and experienced operations manager of one of the absolute best sedan & limo services based in Philadelphia:

Question 1: You started your company back in 1998. What changes have you seen in the car service industry since then?

   Answer: Well, one of the most noticeable changes has certainly been technology. When I first started the company, there was barely any technology to speak of. That’s all changed. For example, we now use software that makes it possible for customers to receive an immediate confirmation of their car reservation. They can get instant receipts of their payments to us as well. 

Question 2: How do these changes in technology benefit your clients?

Answer: When we use technology to provide instant confirmations and immediate receipts, we’re enhancing our clients’ overall experience with us. For instance, because we can process and furnish a payment receipt more quickly, our clients can then complete and submit their expense reports more quickly. Car service clients can also take advantage of apps that let them see the exact vehicle that will be picking them up, along with a photo of their driver. They can even use those apps to see exactly where the vehicle is as it’s on the way to their pickup location. Rideshare services like Uber have certainly pushed along that aspect of technology much more quickly in our business.

Question 3: That raises the next question – how has the competitive landscape changed in your industry?

Answer: Obviously, companies like Uber, Lyft, and Gett didn’t exist when I was starting out. So are there more options now for clients to choose from? Absolutely. But there is a huge distinction between a car service and a ridesharing service. In a perfect world, the same regulation that applies to my and other car service companies would also apply to the rideshare companies. If the courts rule that rideshare drivers are employees, then it’ll definitely alter the competitive landscape from where it currently stands.

Question 4: So are the good old days gone forever?

Answer: Most car services – my own company included – started with “one guy and a car.” That’s not the case with a lot of ridesharing companies, some of which are well funded by people with very deep pockets. They didn’t get the same humble starts that a car service typically has. That said, I firmly believe that strong car service operators will make it through the “Uber frenzy,” as I call it, and even flourish. I like to say to people that you have to look in your own window first – I’m much more interested in making my clients’ experience with my company as easy, positive, benefit-driven, and as personal as it can be. Building a satisfied and loyal client base ensures that you stay strong, regardless of who your competition is.

Question 5: What do you think the future holds for the car service industry?

Answer: Technology will continue to be an ever-larger factor in, and a part of, our day-to-day business. We’ll be more and more reliant on it as we look to enhance our credibility with our clients. For example, driver screening and background checks will become even more important: for me as a business owner and employer, and for my clients who are riding with those drivers. More sophisticated technology will let me conduct those screenings and checks more thoroughly and quickly, of course, but it will also provide an extra level of assurance for my clients. A car service that wants to prosper in the future will need to be truly transparent, and investing in the latest technology will go a long way toward ensuring that transparency. Car service companies will need to keep finding ways to turn technology into a better experience for clients.



Travel may be one of the most stressful activities an average family or a high level executive has to experience throughout the year. With airlines you have to deal with delays and cancelations and at the same time you must make sure your ground transportation is always in sync with your airline schedule. One thing we hope you have taken away from this interview is the difference between a high quality ground transportation service (sedans, limousines, executive cars, mini-buses & full capacity buses) from one that may not be equipped with the proper personell and fleet.

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How is the Sedan Service Industry Changing?

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