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5 Reasons To Use A Limousine Before You Die


It’s time to think outside the prom and the wedding: any occasion becomes a special occasion when you ride there in a limousine! You may never have thought of these before, but here are five out-of-the-ordinary excuses to let someone else do the driving.

Here are more ideas & information for both corporate limousine use or vacation limousine ideas. Let us remind you, in relation to this fun article that the word “limousine” is used for many different forms of transportation. For example, many of our customers still call their service “airport limousine” service when they only really want a traditional sedan or executive car:


Having a private sedan, limousine and driver may normally be held off for very special occasions but when you do a little research and see how affordable it is, it’s worth considering for many different reasons. Yeah, maybe we are a little bias but you may be surprised how much you can incorporate this safe and convenient service into your life a little more than you thought.

Below are 5 reasons we thought might spur some other ideas:

1. Idea #1:

Be Donald Trump for a day. O.K., you’re probably not a business tycoon running your own empire like The Donald does. But you can at least pretend to be when you take a limousine to and from work for a day. Are you coming up on a special work anniversary? Did you and your team deliver that huge project ahead of schedule? Perhaps you just landed that big account? Or did you simply just make it to the end of a long week? Then reward yourself with a limousine ride to and from work!

2. Idea #2:

Go on a shopping spree. In the mood for some serious retail therapy? Your little hatchback doesn’t have much room for all the shopping bags, but a limousine sure does! Give yourself a taste of how the beautiful people in Beverly Hills go shopping: imagine the fun of pulling up to your favorite mall or specialty boutiques in a limousine. Want to make that ride even more special? Invite your daughter, sister, or BFF to join you on your chauffeured shopping day. Don’t worry – there’s enough space for everyone’s bags…

3. Idea #3:

Arrive at the spa in style. Are you long overdue for that facial, massage, or mani/pedi? Driving yourself to the spa is so boring – why not rent a limousine to take you there and back? If that spa treatment has been given to you by somebody else as a birthday or anniversary gift, then the limousine ride can be your gift to yourself! (Plus there’s the added benefit of not chipping that shiny new manicure as you try to open your car door yourself.)

4. Idea #4:

Visit Atlantic City (or Las Vegas, or Reno). Do you live nearby any of these, or other, casinos? Have you been looking forward to a day or a night out to try your hand at the tables or the slot machines, or to take in a great live show or meal? You may not be a high-roller in real life, but hiring a limousine for this occasion can certainly make you feel like one. Go on – you know you want to…

5. Idea #5:

Pop the question. Have you decided to ask your significant other to make it official with you? Why not turn your proposal into something extra-special by asking her while you’re in a limousine? You don’t have to propose marriage in a restaurant or at home, like lots of other people do. A limousine helps set the mood and creates a fabulous backdrop for a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Extra points if you arrange for the driver to pull up to someplace special (e.g., a clifftop overlook, a gorgeous beach, a place of significance for both of you, etc.) and roll down the window as you pop the question.

Some other, main stream uses of private limousine or sedan service:

  • Airport Transportation – A private car to the airport can make a huge difference.
  • Night On The Town – Take your significant other, mom or dad out to dinner.
  • Corporate Client Service – Take car of your key clients by providing a private sedan.


private corporate sedan serviceCorporate Sedan Service has been providing these types of private car services since 1996. We have learned how to make this process extremely easy for you. If any of these ideas appeal to you or if you have any other need for a sedan, limousine, van or mini-bus, just give us a call at (888) 258-9555 or request a rate quote by using the button below. As always, we will do everything we can to make your travels easy and stress free.

Happy travels & adventures!

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5 Reasons To Use A Limousine Before You Die

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