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Why Uber is not the right choice for your corporate car service.

Why Uber (or Lyft, or Gett, or any other ride-sharing service) is not the right choice for your corporate car service.

Smart, successful executives don’t leave anything to chance. They believe in hard work, not good luck. They do their research and consider their options carefully before they make any important business decision. For example, you’d never hire a new employee without verifying that person’s references and employment history. And you wouldn’t dream of creating and launching a new product without conducting market research. So why wouldn’t you take the same precautions when making decisions about which company to hire for your corporate car service?

Your time and money are important. But so are your safety and peace of mind. That’s why you owe it to yourself, your colleagues, and your clients to perform some due diligence about the firms and the people you’re paying to get you to and from your business appointments every day.

So what makes for a good corporate car service? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff in a competitive field that seems to grow bigger by the day? What should you look for, and what should you avoid? Make your decision based on the following criteria:

Free quotes. A good service should make it easy for you to find out how much your trip will cost, and that should include fast, free quotes and sensitivity to any budget constraints you may have.

Reliability. A corporate car service is only as good as its word. If your driver was supposed to pick you up at 7:30 a.m. and doesn’t show up until 8:15 a.m., it’s more than annoying: it can result in a missed flight or a blown business deal. Your car service must be a dependable and trustworthy business partner.

Safety. What’s the company’s safety record? As you evaluate your options, ask about accidents and traffic violations. An excellent corporate car service hires only the most safety-conscious candidates. But it will go one step further and ensure that its drivers have a special license, pass a drug test, and complete a rigorous background check.

Local knowledge. Choose a car service whose drivers are locals – people who’ve spent a significant amount of time in the area where they’ll be driving. Their first-hand knowledge of short cuts, back roads, local attractions, and the area’s transportation infrastructure can save you time, headaches, and worry. Nothing’s worse than having to give directions to the person who’s supposed to be in the driver’s seat.

A track record of success. Your corporate car service should have a long and impeccable history of service in the community. A business is built when it has established a history of keeping its promises and delivering one excellent customer experience after another.

Size and condition of fleet. As you narrow down your choices, ask about the service’s fleet. It should have enough vehicles to keep customer wait times to a minimum. All vehicles should be late-model ones to minimize the risk of mechanical breakdowns and other wear-and-tear issues.

24/7 availability with live operators. Today’s digitally connected world means that business can be done anytime and anywhere. You should expect the same from your corporate car service. Make sure the service you choose guarantees live, round-the-clock contact with human customer service agents.

Online booking and reporting technology. Will the car service you’re looking at provide online booking capability as well as useful online trip summaries, receipts, and other usage details? If it doesn’t, then keep looking.

Customer profiles. Chances are you and your colleagues will be using your corporate car service frequently. You should expect the same level of personalized service from this provider as you would expect from any other business partner. An excellent car service will give you the power to create customized profiles for everyone in your company who uses the service – right down to requesting specific drivers for different riders.

Use this list and you can rest assured that you’ve chosen not just any ride-sharing service, but a top-notch executive car service.

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Why Uber is not the right choice for your corporate car service.

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