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Useful Tips for Better Business Travel

In today’s market, most companies have made the transition from local to global business operations.

As a result, there are myriad business travel opportunities for newly-employed or promoted employees.

If you’re one of those soon-to-be (or seasoned) business travelers, read this article for helpful information to ensure that your business travel is productive and hassle-free.


Packing for Business Travel

Business travelers do well to travel light. While packing your wardrobe for business travel, try to experiment using a single color rather than all your favorites. In doing so, it is easier for you to combine articles of clothing to form an effective business persona for meetings and other business needs. By following a single color scheme, you won’t need to pack multiple clothing options, and you will have fewer demands on your business travels.

Take Direct Routes

When flying for business travel, ensure that you make use of the most direct travel routes, as opposed to the less expensive options. The cheaper arrangements usually take the longest distance. This means you will likely be wasting precious time traveling and staying in hotels.

By going this route, you’ll ultimately sacrifice cost savings, since you will be spending more to make up for the charges associated with longer flights and any extra days you spend in a hotel. It is always best to travel on the most direct flight routes to save time and cost, even if you have to take a first class flight.

Mid-week Traveling

Traveling mid-week is your best option; it will help to save your trip expenses.  Traveling on Mondays and Tuesday generally cost more. Remaining conscious of this travel tip, (especially when you are responsible for your flight costs,) will save you money in the long run.

Map it Out

When you get to your travel destination, make sure you take into consideration the distance between your hotel and the venue of your meeting. Use apps such Google map to check this, especially if you want to make a booking well in advance of your business trip.

Packing Shoes

While you obviously can’t travel without your shoes, there is no need to pack more than two or three pairs for your business trip. For females, ensure you have only one pair of high heels and a pair of flats or slip-ons in your luggage. Wearing high heels all day long during your business trip can cause leg and back pains.

Packing Toiletries

It is also advisable to travel with less makeup while on a business trip, to make you look experienced, professional and knowledgeable. Powder, foundation, lip gloss and eye shadow are among the few things you need to carry along. Remember that less is more, and can go a long way in helping you to look professional while making a presentation.

Plan Ahead

Individuals who go on business trips often should make a habit of packing their luggage as soon as they return from a business trip. Doing so will make future business travel, (especially on short notice,) far less stressful.

Other important tips

  • Packing of important electronic gadgets that you will need during the journey is crucial. If you are traveling overseas, familiarize yourself with the telecommunication requirements of the country. Pack your USB memory stick — you might need it!
  • Keep your laptop with you; don’t pack it in your luggage, it can easily be a critical element of your business travel. For instance, inside the airport terminal, your laptop may be used to shift or adjust reservations, or give you the opportunity to make arrangements for one of the remaining hotel rooms in the city.
  • Not everyone is aware of this, but there are usually open electric-powered outlets in the airport terminals. Once you get to the airport, locate these outlets; they are usually beneath the windows that look directly over the landing strips. Try to secure a seat close to this place, so that you can replenish the charge on your laptop battery if needed.

These are just a few tips that might help to save you time and/or money when traveling for business. As a result of your careful planning, you can be the one who walks into a business meeting or hotel looking refreshed, while others around you appear stressed and uncoordinated due to lesser preparation!


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Useful Tips for Better Business Travel

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