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Travel Trends In 2013 – Philadelphia & International Travel

The Travel Industry Is Evolving – Understanding The Trends

The U.S. Travel Association Recognizes The Following Travel Trends In 2013

Travel trends in 2013: United States Travel Association or USTA seem to have recognized the reduced travel caused by many catalysts, but they want to concentrate mostly on the economics and the recent recession factors. The USTA’s initial response is coming on the heels of some new loss, partnerships, packages, as well as new rates designed to make business travel as well as leisure travel more accessible and less arduous.

The underlying idea is to give new tools and control back to business travelers and leisure travelers. In theory, this challenge started with the new TSA pat down rules. According to the USTA, much of the fun associated with travel disappeared with this new security install. As part of this new effort giving you more control back to the traveling public, you will see more agents and airlines providing a higher level of customer service by way of social media engagement. Below are some of the new trends you can expect to see during 2013:

Loyalty Program Changes:
New and emerging partnerships of 2013 thanks to technology upgrades, staff will be able to recognize and customize a travelers experience based on their preferences. Looking at solutions from the opposite end, we see Delta Airlines completely restructuring its rewards program. They want to make it harder to earn elite status. This is being done to truly target their best customers and making use this new technology to further target each market segment.

New Ways To Get From Here To There:
Global travelers who may have grown higher of US-based airlines will have a significant amount of new options as many foreign carriers were airlines are now expanding services both within the United States as well as internationally. For example air China continues to expand in the United States. There consistently adding nonstop services between Houston and Beijing. Another example of expanding airline routes is Virgin America. They will now fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. You can also see Air Canada is adding new flights to is stable turkey, Seoul Korea, and Beijing, all from various North American cities.

Less Luggage Manhandling:
Less manhandling of the luggage equals last time, shorter lines, and in theory, happier travelers. There is a new “No Hassle Flying Law” that goes into effect this year. This new law allows the Transportation Safety Administration to better determine which flights need luggage re-inspection upon entry into the United States. They will be able to deem if there is a specific threat and where international travelers coming from a pre-clearance country such as Canada for example. This will allow TSA to skip a 2nd round of inspection when not necessary.

More Fellow Travelers:
Travel reservations are already facing the rate of those same reservations last year. This forecasted trend will continue into 2014. This translates into more corrals, more blackout dates and more lines at attractions. This simply equals the increase of business in the travel related industries. While it may seem like trying to navigate the stress of a popular tourist destination as the whole world converges on it for the same week you may have chose, any increase in the number of travelers is always a good thing. Most people consider travel is a luxury, but the numbers tell us that it is also a living for many. According to the US Travel Association there are more than 14 million American jobs that are dependent upon this industry. The United States Travel Association also says that international and domestic travelers spent $1.8 trillion in the United States alone in 2010 and this of course translates into tax revenue at the state local and federal levels.

Double Check The Details:
I think it’s safe to say that surprises at the airport or train or bus station are not considered a good thing. Couple this with a language or cultural barrier and this becomes even more difficult. As a traveler always be sure to bring along any document that contains reservation information. This includes confirmation numbers and amenities and service promise by your travel agent. Also be sure to have any and all contact information of your travel agent just in case. If you understand that there really is no standard of the amenities that travel providers offer, it’s always best to ask what you’re getting. Be sure expectations are clear. Know that in most cases the frontline staff of your destination may not be aware of new programs that were promised to you. Make this potential hazard and easy to overcome as possible by having this documentation.

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Travel Trends In 2013 – Philadelphia & International Travel

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