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Travel Options For Personal & Corporate Events


Car and limousine service has expanded quite a bit over the years. Whether you have regular experience booking executive sedans or just like to hold a family reunion every few years, you might be surprised at all the service, vehicle and fleet options available for your next event or vacation.

Limousines and sedan are probably what pops into your mind when thinking about personal or business transportation and yes, they are the most popular vehicles used over the past 5 years. That said, they aren’t your only options and sometimes it’s nice to know what other ground transportation options you have.

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In our 20 years plus of providing private car services for executives, individuals and families to 450 major airports, hotels and conference facilities, we have learned how many people still aren’t fully aware of what their traveling options really are and how to select the perfect methods. We hope this article will shed some new light on options you may have never considered.

Corporate And Personal Travel Ideas & Options:

1. Using A Travel Agent

In those cases where time is a precious commodity and you feel delegation is a needed option, research and select a good travel agent and count on them to provide the right options. Travel agents have a lot of experience arranging every different type of travel possible and a good travel agent will give some thought to getting you the perfect type of airport transportation on each leg of your travels. Start with ASTA, or American Society Of Travel Agents. You will find a well rounded directory where you can start your research.

2. Consult With A Local Sedan & Limousine Service Provider

In this example of different ground transportation options we will use ourselves. You can contact a ground transportation company directly. For instance, if you call us here at Corporate Sedan Service, you will have the ability to speak with an experienced consultant who can help you make arrangements for sedan or limousine service in 450 cities nation wide, and even globally. Be sure to check a carrier’s experience, online reputation, ask for a rate quote you can use to compare with others and learn a little about the fleet of vehicles used and offered.

3. Utilize Local Airport Facilities

Depending on your needs, you may want to contact the airport you will be using at your point of origin. They may be providing services and facilities that offer you options you have not yet considered. Some airports make it very easy to use through services they provide or even using your own vehicle. Many of us have an older image of airports and what it’s actually like if you want to drive and park on your own. Take the time to investigate your airport and you may come out with a new experience and an option that makes the most sense for your upcoming travels.

4. Business Travel Options

Every business is different. Some large corporations have an in house travel department that can handle most or all of your travel needs. Many companies will even assist you on personal or vacation travel. Ask the appropriate official who you need to connect with to ask all of your questions. Smaller businesses don’t have an internal travel or transportation department so you might need to do the research yourself or ask an administrative assistant to help contact the best and most reliable executive sedan service available. For many of our own clients, we know they would like to use one company to manage their ground transportation on both legs of their trip. That’s why we recommend using a company like Corporate Sedan Service to manage your airport and hotel transportation in virtually any city while keep things all under one roof.

Below are some popular choices when selecting your mode of transportation:

  • Private Sedan Service – The word private is important here because there are many airport and hotel transportation services that use a “shared ride” method. If you want all of your travel to be private so the vehicle is always waiting for you as oppose to you waiting for the vehicle, make sure you are getting private service. Private sedan service utilizes a sedan like a standard Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac. It is not a limousine or some other form of vehicle that stands out from what you are used to seeing on the road.
  • Private Limousine Service – This service should be private like the description above only in this case you will be hiring a stretched limousine. This is popular for honeymoon trips to the airport or other celebratory events. Limousines come in so many different shapes and sizes these days so be sure you spend the time discussion the type of limousine that you really want. Surprises are exactly the best part of traveling.
  • Private Mini Bus – This is a vehicle that is used on a private basis like described above but was built for groups over 10. You have probably seen examples of this vehicle at the airport being used as a shared ride service to and from hotels or automobile rental facilities.

ground transportation providersKNOW YOUR PRIORITIES:

No matter what selections you make, we highly recommend first making a written list of your ground transportation priorities. If you are clear on what you want or require, it makes the process that much smoother and stress free. If you’re not sure of all the options that will work best for your particular type of travel, ask questions. For example, when business travelers or any other traveler contacts us, we help them determine what needs exist and how to best address those needs while keeping a focus on dependability, comfort, safety and budget. Many times arriving at the perfect solution for your travel challenges takes a little time and some back and forth conversation. Other times it can be as easy as going to our website and making a reservation on your own. In either case we encourage you to contact us if you need help making arrangements for business or personal travel so you have all elements covered by one provider. It really makes a difference.

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Travel Options For Personal & Corporate Events

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