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The Philadelphia Airport: Accessibility

Getting Around The Philadelphia Airport.

The Philadelphia Airport recently released a blog post outlining the level of their accessibility and how to get around this airport if you have disability issues. Traveling to The Philadelphia Airport is only one challenge. Navigating this very large airport is another, especially for those with disabilities and other related issues. We are highlighting the staples of this blog post to help you understand and feel more comfortable when navigating through The Philadelphia Airport. We hope this helps.

Below is a bulleted list of some of the more important information to have when traveling to and through The Philadelphia Airport:

  • Skycaps, sighted guides, wheelchairs and electric carts are provided by the airline, NOT the airport. Make advance arrangements with your airline if any of these services are needed.
  • Use www.TSA.gov to learn about specially designed security lanes for those with disabilities. The Philadelphia Airport relies on The TSA to assist the disabled traveler through these checkpoints.
  • The Philadelphia Airport provides an “Airport Autism Access Program” to help those with these specific challenges. The Philadelphia Airport offers this link to learn more: accessibility@phl.org
  • Elevators are provided to move between the lower and upper levels of the airport. The elevators include raised lettering and braille for both levels as well as all parking garage levels.
  • There are 10 separate locations within the Philadelphia Airport that have moving walkways.
  • There are 47 restroom areas that provide for all types of disabilities.
  • Other resources available throughout The Philadelphia Airport include:
    • Payphones with hearing aid compatible volume controls
    • Video phones
    • ATMs
    • Visual Paging
  • Philadelphia Airport transportation access: Designated areas have been established in each terminal on both the departure and arrival sides. More detailed information can be found at this site: www.philapark.org

We know that there are unique challenges for the disabled and in our opinion, The Philadelphia Airport has done an outstanding job of making this navigation more manageable.

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The Philadelphia Airport: Accessibility

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