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The Academy of Natural Sciences – An Awesome Philly Attraction

There’s always something really cool happening at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences, no matter what time of year you visit. This world-class natural history museum has been advancing scientific research and education in biodiversity and environmental science since 1812.

To the scholar, The Academy is impressive. To the visitor, it’s just plain awesome. So much to learn, so much FUN learning it. One look at the Academy of Natural Sciences website makes the reader want to be present at the museum right now and in person. We encourage readers to at the very least take a glance at their site, since words like ‘history’ and ‘science’ don’t sufficiently convey how mesmerizing such academics can be!

The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

In as much as words can do justice to this topic, we offer up an overview of just a few museum attractions that make this a worthwhile place to visit when in the Philadelphia area…

Museum Exhibits

Butterfly Garden

A lush, tropical garden of colorful plants and live butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia. On any given day there are 60 to 150 butterflies from 20 to 40 different species in view.

Dinosaur Hall

30+ species of dinosaur skeletons, eggs, footprints, sculptures, murals and paleontologist tools, including a 42-foot Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and a life-sized Stegosaurus model. Visitors can even project their own image into a world of dinosaurs in the green-screen video studio!

Life-Size Dioramas

37 different dioramas featuring bison, musk-ox, bear, mountain sheep, moose, lion, zebra, opaki, gorilla, antelope, tiger, kiang, panda, yak and the extinct passenger pigeon in themed native settings.

Live Animal Center

More than 100 live birds, mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates born in captivity and viewable through floor-to-ceiling observation windows, where visitors can witness the daily grooming, feeding and care of the animals.

Outside In Discovery Center

Children’s nature museum and hands-on discovery center with animals from the Live Animal Center, and a ‘great outdoors’ experience where children can touch a real meteorite, view a stream from underneath, crawl through a fallen log, hunt fossil footprints, pan for shark teeth, watch a live beehive and more.

Marveling at Mollusks

Nearly 100 specimens of clams, scallops, conches, cowries, land snails, chambered nautiluses and other mollusks from the world-class scientific collections of the Academy’s Malacology Department.

Secrets of the Diorama

The history of the dioramas through interactive activities and videos lets visitors see the detailed fieldwork and painstaking artistry employed to create the plants, animals and paintings in these full-scale scenes.

Science at the Academy

A showcase of world-class science conducted at the Academy with videos, photos, and specimens from research on birds, fish, fossils, insects, microscopic diatoms, mollusks and plants.

What Eats What

An exhibit of the consumers and producers that make up the food chain and a story of environmental research.

We Wrote the Book

Hundreds of books written by authors with ties to the Academy of Natural Sciences, and a favorite place for science writers, Academy staff, research associates and outside authors.

In addition to these many exciting exhibits, The Academy of Natural Sciences always has new and upcoming features on display. Check the museum website for updates.

Museum Activities

The Academy of Natural Sciences hosts exciting, family-friendly activities throughout the day, including movies, naturalist shows, Academy scientists at work and much more. All activities are free with museum admission, (unless otherwise noted).

Group Tours

Discounted and customizable visiting opportunities are available for groups of 10 or more, including (but not limited to) businesses, professional associations, social organizations, schools and teams.

Special Events

Check out the museum events calendar to see what’s in store at the Academy this week. “Science on Tap” and “Mega-Bad Movie Night” are a couple of on-going features, while other events may offer just a one-shot opportunity — so be sure to check listings regularly if you’re interested in the many events going on at the Academy of Natural Sciences.

A day at the museum can be so much fun, when there are so many cool and interactive activities on hand for visitors of any age. For more information about museum attractions, hours of operation and ticket sales, call (215) 299-1000  or visit www.ansp.org.

Take a Trip to the Museum

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The Academy of Natural Sciences – An Awesome Philly Attraction

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