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Take The Stress Out Of Traveling With Children

Tips For Airport Travel Or Car Travel With Children

Think about it… family vacation should be a great and positive experience for everyone involved. But is it? Certainly family travel or family vacation isn’t always perfect for everyone. Can it be? Like anything else, the better the plan, the better the chances of success. Not all families create a travel or vacation strategy but if you really expect your vacation to actually feel like a vacation, someone in your family needs to create the plan. Below are some ideas that will help with your vacation plan in terms of keeping the children happy and on board with the overall plan. By the way, if you need a fast and free rate quote for any ground transportation needs, just use this link.

Don’t Forget Your Kids: Your actual schedule will most likely the first thing you will think of when creating your vacation plan. If your traveling to the airport and taking a flight or two, or even if your vacation doesn’t include an airport because you are driving, you will still want to create that time schedule. The advice here is to thoroughly think about how your schedule effects your children. What schedule changes could you make so your vacation traveling will be more realistic and easier on your children? Remember, kids can get stressed as well and their stress will translate to additional travel stress for you.

Preparation For The Children: Take the needed time to sit down with your children and explain to them what they should be expecting. This is even more critical if your children are young or if this will be their first real trip. If it is the first time your kids get on an airplane, it’s very important that you explain as much as you can about what it will be like. This will cut down on some surprises both for them and for you. If your children don’t take well to changes or if they are comfortable with their regular routine, they will need the explanation of what’s to come even more. This conversation will remove any existing fear and any fear that might occur as your vacation travels begin. Professional sports teams usually do a “walk through” the day before the game. This is an example of what will help with expectations.

Security Blanket Fun: Be sure to bring as many of those electronics that act as a time killing security blanket for your children. My son loves to use his Kindle and game-boy. Make sure these devices are ready to travel and power supply is accounted for as much as possible. So many times when children get nervous, stressed or just bored, these security blanket devices are just the trick to calm a situation. To pack more calming power into this idea, maybe you should consider buying a new game or app. before the trip. This surprise will work even better than just handing over the device.

Make Your Children Soldiers: As the parent, you naturally have all the responsibility and stress placed on your shoulders. Don’t wait until this gets to be too much. Kids love to help and feel powerful. Share some of the responsibilities with them. Tell them you are counting on them and they are an important part of your team. Acknowledge their brain power and capabilities and they will respond. You might need to make some changes along the way if certain responsibilities are better suited for another but absolutely include them in your travel strategy. Make them feel important.

Ignore The Rules: Not literally but it usually a good idea to relax the rules a little during travel. In they eyes of a child, this makes it more fun and more special. Explain that this is a special time and they can do more and be part of this special time.

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Take The Stress Out Of Traveling With Children

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