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Save On Business Travel: Vacation Travel On A Budget

Tips To Cut Your Travel Budget In Half

In this economy, you need to save on travel, or reduce/eliminate your travel. We all are finding ourselves in a position where we need to cut back and we have learned some travel tips and techniques to help you cut your travel budget in half. We have to give credit to Moneying.com who have created a very useful blog for business travelers and vacationers. We are summarizing one of their blog posts here to help you make your travel planning easier, and your travel more affordable by reducing your travel budget significantly. Using the travel tips below, you will be able to afford to travel more, at the same travel budget.

Saving money on travel: Airlines

  1. Use discount travel websites and plan your travel in advance. You will have the ability to combine travel segments in one place and experience a significant travel savings.
  2. Connecting flights might seem unattractive but don’t toss this idea out of the window as there is usually great travel savings involved.
  3. Consider traveling light. Most airlines are wanting to charge you extra fees for extra bags and the fewer bags you need to check, the more travel savings you will secure. As part of this tip, consider your plans to buy new cloths when you reach your destination. If so, pack older cloths that you may want to toss away. This will keep your packing lighter and your travel or vacation easier.
  4. Round trip tickets vs. one way tickets. In some cases, the one way business travel ticket is so expensive that a round trip version is actually less expensive. It boils down to the actual numbers and cost of your business or vacation travel so if you need to buy a ticket and throw it away to save money, why not.
  5. In general, flying out of the same same airport is cheaper and more convenient. This applies to the car rental part of your business travel or vacation travel as well.
  6. Try to coordinate a possible layover in 2 separate countries, if your business travel or vacation plans include visits to 2 separate countries.

Stay connected to our blog for the next in this series in saving on your business travel or vacation travel. Simply complete the form in the upper right portion of this travel blog so you will be notified. The next blog post will address how to save money on food when planning your business travel or vacation travel with your family.

If you are planning business travel or family vacation, starting or ending in The Philadelphia area and using JFK Airport, Newark Airport or Philadelphia Airport, learn more about how to arrange this segment of your travel with a very reliable private car service or limousine service.

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Save On Business Travel: Vacation Travel On A Budget

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