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Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell Center – Cornerstone of American History

A visit to our nation’s symbol of freedom at The Liberty Bell Center is something everyone really should experience when in the Philadelphia area… it’s truly awe-inspiring to be in the presence of such a monumental centerpiece in our nation’s history.

Here are a few highlights of what can be found at Independence National Historic Park, current home of the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell Center – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Hall

Experience for yourself the powerful ambience within the halls where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed. One can almost feel the presence of President George Washington himself in the room where his infamous “Rising Sun Chair” resides, being transported in time to the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

The iconic Independence Hall Tower stands as a majestic reminder of 18th Century architectural magnificence. Having undergone many changes and restorations through the centuries, the now-standing clock tower is still a sight to behold with great reverence for the courage and character of our nation’s forefathers.

Tours at Independence Hall are free of charge, every day from March 1st through December 31st, though visitors must reserve a free tour ticket with date and time, in order to eliminate long lines and waiting periods, (tickets are not required on July 4th, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving).

To reserve tickets for groups and individuals for up to one year in advance, call toll free at: 1-877-444-6777 from 10AM to 10 PM ET, or visit the National Park Reservation system website.

Liberty Bell Center

The Liberty Bell is certainly one of the most notable and celebrated symbols of our nation’s history. This momumental artifact was named by abolitionists fighting to end slavery, representing the power of liberty and the passion of our country’s ideals.

See firsthand the inscription proclaiming “liberty throughout the land”, as well as a video presentation and exhibits about The Liberty Bell. Not to mention the famous crack in the bell, which renders this an easily recognizable relic, (though to this day no one knows exactly why the crack occurred).

The Liberty Bell is 2,000 pounds of copper and tin, with small amounts of lead, zinc, arsenic, gold, and silver. It hangs from what is believed to be its original American elm yoke, and is displayed in a magnificent glass chamber, with Independence Hall viewable in the background.

The Liberty Bell building is open year-round, and tickets are not required for visitors.

Independence Visitor Center

The Visitor Center is the location to pick up free tickets to tour Independence Hall. Visitor services and amenities are provided, including a multilingual staff, tickets to over 60 area attractions and tours, regional maps and brochures, daily event listings, free historical films and wireless internet access. The Visitor Center also houses the Independence Store, which is the official gift shop of the Greater Philadelphia region.

As one might guess, an entire day can be spent immersed in the historical magnificence of The Liberty Bell Center. Even if you’re not specifically a history buff, one can still fully appreciate the significance of these legendary symbols of American freedom.

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Celebrate America’s freedom right here in Philadelphia — a city you’ll never forget!

Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell Center – Cornerstone of American History

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