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Philadelphia Business Building – With Appreciation

You’ve heard of Administrative Professionals Day haven’t you?

It’s that yearly holiday in April when companies traditionally honor those who support their businesses.

Here at PLS, we wondered how Philadelphia businesses rate when it comes to celebrating their support staffs, At the risk of sounding cynical, how many companies and executives actually do more than the usual bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates?

In a survey of employees on job satisfaction, among the top ten reasons they rated themselves “satisfied or very satisfied“ were several having to do with relationships with others and recognition, namely:

  • 73% felt good about their relationships with their immediate supervisor
  • 57% felt good about getting recognition of their performance by management
  • 60% Were happy with their company’s overall culture

Let’s take this a step further and perhaps dig even deeper to how you, the boss or business owner, can truly enhance staff loyalty and job satisfaction; which ultimately translates into better productivity and performance all around.

Two very famous people are worth quoting on the topic of showing appreciation:

  1. Mary Kay Ash (the woman that built a multi-million dollar cosmetics business) who says:

Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.’” Darn if Mary Kay ain’t right!

  1. 2.     Former president John F. Kennedy:  As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. We need to show appreciation far more than to say the words of appreciation, through tangible methods.

A great question to ask yourself is, where your business would be without those who keep things running behind the scenes?  Honestly, no one likes to be taken for granted and support staff will often work diligently to please and many take huge pride in their work, but nothing deflates someone as being taken for granted does.

So what’s the strategy?  Of course it can’t be all one-sided.  If you’re a very giving employer and staff try to take advantage without really fulfilling their duties that’s entirely different.  What we’re talking about today is understanding that for those diligent and loyal administrative professionals you couldn’t really do business without, regular, steady recognition and appreciation for accomplishments and attention to details needs more than one holiday a year.  It needs year-‘round attention.

Here are some great ideas for ongoing appreciation of your administrative professionals year ‘round:

  • Everyone loves an afternoon off.  This doesn’t have to detract from business.  Choose times when things have slowed to a manageable pace and use the element of surprise if the spirit moves you.  Either that or let him or her know that you’re planning to give the afternoon off on a particular day as a “thank you” for working so hard the past few months.
  • Does your company give a yearly bonus?  How about a quarterly one instead.  Same amount total, but increased frequency can make a big difference.
  • Hold a monthly “order lunch in” on the company.  It’s a perfect time for you to get the staff together in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere of comraderie.
  • Create some feelings of luxury with massage gift certificate.  Or sponsor a local massage therapist to come in for 20-minute chair massage sessions.
  • Are there several administrative assistants you want to appreciate together?  Send them in a group to a local spa package for manicures, pedicures, wine and cheese during business hours!  If you can’t spare them during the day, get the certificate from the spa and let the staff choose an evening convenient for all.  Book a limo to pick them up and escort them there and home to make it an event of luxury – a night to remember!
  • How about footing the bill for pizza and a movie for them and their family a couple of times a year.  Do you have a really busy season?  If he or she has been working extra hard because of your business’s heaviest season, making sure dinner and entertainment is covered for the whole family on a Friday night can be a huge stress reliever that gets a big “thank you,” and boost in employee loyalty and productivity.

Truly, when you pay out in recognition and appreciation it returns big dividends into your business.  Your people are your best asset.  Take good care of them and they will reciprocate.  Here is yet another quote to emphasize the point:

People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition and appreciation.” – Bob Nelson

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Philadelphia Business Building – With Appreciation

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