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Newark Airport & JFK Airport Travel Tips

Make Your Business Travel To JFK Airport Or Newark Airport Easier

We have created this article to help both the business traveler as well as family travel much easier when traveling to or from either The Newark Airport, or JFK Airport. There is sometimes a significant amount of red tape, especially when airport navigation is concerned. With this in mind… information is power!

Things you should know when you need to travel through Newark & JFK International Airports:

U.S. Customs & Border Protection: CBP helps over 1 million people enter the U.S every day of the year. This is a herculean task and getting through easily may depend on your own travel preparation. For obvious reasons, border control is more strict then any time in the past whether it’s JFK Airport, Newark Airport or any other airport in the United States. The following 10 tips are offered by CBP:

  1. Organize all travel documents for the countries you’re traveling to as well as re-entry into the U.S.. Passports are required for all re-entry (either Newark or JFK Airport) into The United States. 1 helpful site is www.travel.state.gov
  2. Remember to declare everything, even if purchased it in a “duty-free” shop in any airport.
  3. Understand that everything you bring through Newark or JFK Airports will be inspected so be careful when considering a purchase from a “street vendor” as if it is counterfeit, it must be surrendered to CBP.
  4. Anything purchased abroad for personal use is duty exempt but if you purchased it for resale, they are not.
  5. Understand the differences between merchandise that is prohibited, and merchandise that is merely restricted. Examples of prohibited merchandise would be tortoise shells, ivory products and of course, counterfeit items. List of prohibited items.
  6. Many foreign manufactured medications are not FDA approved and therefore not permitted through customs. List of prohibited items.
  7. Never bring any Cuban made products into JFK Airport or Newark Airport, no matter where they have originated.
  8. All food is subject to permit. So be sure anything you bring through Newark or JFK Airports is permitted.
  9. Any and all birds or bird products may be subject to restriction or quarantine.
  10. In Newark Airport as well as JFK Airport, CBP Officers can inspect all your luggage or belongings without a warrant.

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Other helpful information when traveling through JFK Airport or Newark Airport:

  1. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.
  2. Be sure your passport is signed, including all emergency information.
  3. Leave copies of your itinerary & passport with friends & family.
  4. Confirm overseas medical coverage.
  5. Get familiar with destination laws & conditions.
  6. Avoid becoming a target of crime.
  7. Contact The State Department in case of emergency.
  8. Know how to contact The Transportation Security Administration.

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Newark Airport & JFK Airport Travel Tips

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