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Happy (and Safe!) New Year from Philadelphia Limo Services

Yes, it is that time again… New Year’s Eve celebrations, parties galore, and the excitement of holiday festivities taking place all over the world. Time flies by so fast, it is hard to believe that yet another year has already come and gone!

We at Philadelphia Limo Services have greatly appreciated the opportunity to provide limousine and car services to travelers in Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state areas. We have enjoyed sharing our great historical city with visitors from all over the world, and remained committed to excellence of ground transportation services for corporate travelers and those traveling via our area airports.

Our wish is for safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebrations throughout this great city, and so we offer here just a few tips to help revelers and party-goers enjoy the holiday while remaining safe and secure in the process.

Helpful New Year’s Eve Tips from Philadelphia Limo Services

Everyone wants to live it up for New Year’s Eve – and it is totally possible to do so without losing sight of our personal safety. Here are some best practices that we recommend for partying on New Year’s Eve in the safest, and most responsible way possible:

Choose party locations that are in safe, well-lit and secure areas.

Many dangerous predators take advantage of the distraction and merriment that goes on during the holidays – do not take any chances by going to areas that are unfamiliar or unsafe, even if you are attending parties with several other guests.

Safety in numbers

Try to travel and celebrate with as many companions as possible – the more eyes you have with you while you are out on the town, the lower the chance that criminals will target you or your party. If you know at least one friend or family member who is a non-drinker, all the better to bring them along; the more alert and aware the companion, the greater the chance that anything suspicious will be noticed before trouble can happen.

Share your party plans

Let a friend or loved one, (who is not traveling with you for the holiday) know where you will be going, with whom you will be travelling, and what time they can reasonably expect your return home. In the event that and accident or other unforeseen circumstance occurs during your night out, you will always have someone who will be on the lookout, and aware if something is amiss.

Best practice: hire a Philadelphia limo service

One of the best means of ensuring safety on New Year’s Eve is to hire a Philadelphia limo service to drive you and your companions from curb to doorstep. Not only will you have a designated driver for your night of revelry, you will also have another set of eyes assuring your safety, so you can get lost in distraction as you please!

We at PhiladelphiaLimoService.com want to wish our valued readers a very happy and prosperous new year!

How to Hire a Philadelphia Limo Service

If you’re heading out to live it up on the town on New Year’s Eve, consider hiring a Philadelphia limo service to carry you and your companions to all your favorite celebrations. Save time, impress your guests and let a professional driver deal with traffic hassles… this is YOUR night to howl!

If you haven’t taken an opportunity to check into a Philadelphia limo service lately, you will probably be surprised at just how affordable it can be to make your holidays the most extravagant ever. If you want this season to be extra-special, we’re happy to provide a fast, hassle-free rate quote for Philadelphia limo service… you can request it online by clicking the button below, and we’re certain that our response will put some extra cheer into your holiday season!

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Happy (and Safe!) New Year from Philadelphia Limo Services

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My company had an international artist picked up at JFK and dropped off in Philadelphia, and the artist had the best time. The driver kept in touch with me throughout the day, so we could plan for arrival, and our artist had the most wonderful experience with the driver. That’s really astounding considering our artist had just gotten off a red-eye from across the world. Thank you so very much!

Meredith S.


Our first experience with your company and it was excellent. The driver was on time, courteous and knowledgeable. The car was clean, comfortable and quiet. We would certainly use your service again and will recommend.

Loretta M. H.


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