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Flying To/From Philadelphia International Airport? Read This First.

 is a great place to be when awaiting your next flight… there are so many passenger-friendly services and amenities available, including over 160 shops & eateries, private suites, spas, currency exchange and so much more. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear of passengers intentionally missing flights so they can stay here a little longer! (Well ok, maybe that’s a stretch, but Philadelphia Airport is definitely a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy between flights.)

Being prepared when heading to Philadelphia Airport will also make traveling experience all the more enjoyable; knowing what to expect, what to bring, and what not to bring will speed up your check-in steps and make the overall process go much more smoothly. The following provides some general information about the airport, and will assist in those all-important preparations.

Philadelphia International Airport [PHL]

Philadelphia Airport consists of 7 terminals. A complete map of the terminals can be found at the Philadelphia International Airport terminal map online.

Available Airlines

Alaska Airlines (AS)
For reservations, call 800-682-2221 or visit www.alaskaair.com

Air Canada (AC), Air Canada Jazz (QK)
For reservations, call 800-361-8071 or visit www.aircanada.ca

AirTran Airways (FL)
For reservations, call 800-868-8833 or visit www.AirTran.com

American Airlines & American Eagle (AA)
For reservations, call 800-543-1586 or visit www.aa.com

British Airways (BA)
For reservations, call 866-393-0961 or visit www.britishairways.com

Delta Air Lines & Delta Connection (DL)
For reservations, call 800-831-4488 or visit www.delta.com

Frontier Airlines (F9)
For reservations, call 800-432-1359 or visit www.FlyFrontier.com

Lufthansa Airlines (LH)
For reservations, call 866-846-4283 or visit www.lufthansa.com

Southwest Airlines (WN)
For reservations, call 800-533-1305 or visit www.southwest.com

Spirit Airlines (NK)
For reservations, call 800-955-8771 or visit www.spirit.com

United (UA)
For reservations, call 800-323-0170 or visit www.united.com

US Airways (US)
For reservations, call 800-245-2966 or visit www.usairways.com

US Airways Express
For reservations, call 800-245-2966 or visit www.usairways.com

Virgin America (VX)
Reservations:    877-359-8474 or visit www.virginamerica.com

Before you travel to/from Philadelphia International Airport

To save time at security checkpoints, make sure to be prepared by reviewing Philadelphia Airport’s security information web page before you travel.

A short list of recommendations to help speed up the check-in process:

  • Pack luggage in layers (to increase visibility of scanned baggage)
  • Have your ID and boarding pass readily available, as well as Visa/passport if applicable
  • Remove outer garments, (jackets, hats, etc) and shoes
  • Empty your pockets of keys, coins and other loose metal objects and place them in your carry-on, so everything may be scanned at once.
  • Only one carry-on bag and one personal item is permitted per person
  • Place as many items as possible in checked baggage; carry-ons should contain only those items needed immediately.
  • If carrying medications, be sure to keep them in their original packaging, and bring accompanying prescription cards.
  • Arrive early to allow for time to proceed through security checkpoints, particularly during high-travel seasons.

What items are allowed or prohibited on flights?

Liquids, aerosols and gels for carry-ons:

  • Permitted in limited quantities, (one bag allowed in order to limit total volume.) Place any non-essential liquids in checked luggage for faster check-in.
  • Place these items into one bag and X-ray them separately from the carry-on bag for faster security checking.
  • Pack undeveloped film in carry-on bags. High-speed and specialty film should be hand inspected at the checkpoint. Screening equipment will not affect digital cameras and electronic image storage cards.
  • Loose (spare) Lithium batters are not permitted in checked baggage, (only those batteries properly inserted into portable devices.) Certain types of Lithium batteries are permitted in carry-on luggage, such as those used in cell phones or laptops, provided that steps have been taken to cover battery terminals.

Other items regulated by security procedures and limits include:

  • Sharp Objects
  • Sporting Goods
  • Firearms
  • Tools
  • Martial Arts Items
  • Explosive & Flammable Materials
  • Candles
  • Aerosols
  • Snow Globes

Additional PHL screening information can be found at Philadelphia Airport’s screening information web page.

A more comprehensive list of allowed versus prohibited items can be found on the Philadelphia Airport traveler information page.

Philadelphia International Airport Transportation

Thoroughfares in and around Philadelphia Airport can be congested, particularly during rush hour periods. If the frustration of navigating busy traffic sounds less than inviting to you, in addition to airport check-in and boarding, consider hiring a round-trip car service to take some of the pressure off your travel experience. Not only do hired drivers have a great deal of experience and familiarity with area roadways and travel routes, airport transportation services have become surprisingly affordable in recent years — definitely worth looking into!

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This airport information should give you a head start on preparations for a more pleasurable travel experience. If you have additional questions, you can get all the answers you need by calling Philadelphia Airport directly for assistance: 215-937-6755. Have a great trip!

Flying To/From Philadelphia International Airport? Read This First.

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