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Feel Like A Celebrity & Use A Luxury Limousine Service

Let’s Make You Feel Like A Celebrity!

     If you see the letters DWTS and have no idea what they mean, let me explain. Watching TV, certain shows only, is one of my favorite pleasures. Do you watch TV? What type of shows do you enjoy…really enjoy, not just watching to fill time. Is the furniture in your living room setup to face the TV? Do you rush a little faster home from work on certain nights to make sure you have time to get everything done to watch one of your favorite shows?

OK, ok…….we have established the love of watching TV for some of us. What’s that got to do with DWTS? I’ll get to that in a minute!

Do you like tension and suspense in your TV show? One of my all-time favorites was an episode on Grey’s Anatomy in which a man was in the hospital with a gun killing most all people in his path. Oh, he had his reasons, but the horror was being right there, up close, seeing the bullet shatter limbs of people and actually hearing their blood spilling on the floor. Not much relaxation to be had there, right?

Do you like reality shows? American Idol, The Amazing Race, The Face, etc. all fall into that category. Well, this is where DWTS comes in to play. My most favorite show is DWTS (Dancing with the Stars)….Ever since I was a young girl, I have always had a thing for celebrities. You know, buying all the teen magazines, cutting out the pictures of my favorites and decorating the walls of my room with their images.  So when I have a chance to see a lot of celebrities on one show and doing what I LOVE to do, DANCING, I am going to be there!

Speaking of being there, there is a large audience on the show every week. Many people arrive hours and hours before the show starts and get in-line to be part of the audience. Picture this scenario-you get dressed up, you get in your car and drive however many miles it takes to get to the studio and then you get in-line and wait for your moment to go in. OR…………..you get dressed up and schedule a sedan or limousine to pick you up and drive you to the show. You arrived much more relaxed and have had time in the car to primp and feel as special as you want to feel on the night when you come face-to-face with the celebrity fantasy you have been thinking about for all those years.

After the show, an executive car or luxury limousine would be there for you to drive you home while you are given a chance to play-back the night and re-live what meant the most to you with the music of the night playing in your head. This is definitely a night to leave the driving to someone else and come and go like the “celebrity” you are!

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Feel Like A Celebrity & Use A Luxury Limousine Service

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