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Executive Sedan Service – Cadillac XTS Review

Initial Customer Reviews Of The New Cadillac XTS Executive Sedan

Marc Martine of Boston Coach offers feedback on the Cadillac XTS executive sedan.

One of the best ways to evaluate any product is to get an honest review from a professional that uses this product as part of their business. In this case we have a review from Marc Martine, a Senior Vice President of Boston Coach. Marc’s position as Senior Vice President, makes him an expert on executive cars, limousines and other sedans. His opinion or review of any car carries significant weight and that’s why we will use his opinion and review of the new Cadillac XTS Sedan in this new Corporate Sedan Service blog post. Because the Cadillac XTS is a new vehicle, let’s consider this more of a progress report that a complete evaluation.

First, let’s look at a little background information and philosophy of Boston Coach. Boston Coach has built an effective transportation philosophy and system based on 6 primary points that are broken down into 2 categories. The 2 categories are smart business and smart travel.

The 3 primary components of smart business are:

1. Reduce – reduce complexity and cost that can bloat your spent.
2. Manage – applied technology and managed services can help you in auditing expenses and providing strength travel policy compliance.
3. Control – you have a duty of care to every traveler in your organization Boston coach helps minimize liability and maximize compliance.

The 3 primary components smart travel are:

1. Reliability – get from point A to point B and all other points in between in comfort and on time.
2. Responsiveness – when service incidents arise Austin coach is built to act fast, resolving all issues within 48 hours
3. Safety and peace of mind – drivers undergo extensive background checks as well as being monitored by in the vehicle cameras

Mark Martine calls this Cadillac a new generation of luxury sedan. This new sedan built by Cadillac has made some very strong 1st impressions on management, clients and drivers. Mark states that even though these executive sedans only been on the road a couple of months, the positive reviews and feedback have been real and significant. According to Mark, the XTS executive sedan was introduced in February of 2012 at the international LCT Show in Las Vegas. Boston Coach added this 1st generation XTS executive sedan when they were released for service in late July. Marc at Boston Coach says they were very impressed by the original XTS but this new version of the ground breaking executive sedan is a truly remarkable. After a few months of service to top corporate clients in an attempt to evaluate this high-tech successor to the DTS executive sedan, Boston Coach applied an electronic survey among these clients as well as their own drivers. This electronic survey asked clients and drivers to evaluate this new executive sedan on each metric (5 total questions) using a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 as the highest mark. The collective score on this impressive new Cadillac XTS executive sedan averaged 4.6 and keep in mind according to Marc, no vehicle has ever scored a perfect 5.

To add to these impressive scores, Marc Martine of Boston Coach says there have been zero maintenance issues although it will take a few more months to get to the 100,000 mile mark. The 100,000 mile benchmark will spark a new survey and as far as maintenance is concerned, all routine repair work is covered under Cadillacs service plan.

In conclusion: as an executive car service and luxury limousine service in Philadelphia, we pay close attention to these type of reviews. The Corporate Sedan Service has had an outstanding relationship for many years with Boston Coach and the value their reviews, feedback and input regarding service and vehicles. The Corporate Sedan Service as also added this impressive new Cadillac XTS to our Philadelphia fleet. Give us a call at (888) 258-9555 to schedule your next ride in his cutting edge new executive sedan. To make a reservation, simply click on the image on the left side.

Executive Sedan Service – Cadillac XTS Review

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