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Environmentally Friendly Travel

Environmentally Friendly Travel Is All Of Our Responsibility.

If you agree that we are responsible for cleaning and maintaining our environment, you should also realize this translates to more environmentally friendly travel on all of our parts. We are almost all part of business travel, vacation travel or some other form of travel. The more we can become an eco friendly traveler and reduce the damage we do collectively, the more effective our global clean up efforts will become. Environmentally friendly travel can be adopted by us all and with the help of www.budgettravel.com, we now have a road map that should help us travel cleaner. Below is a summary of packing tips that Budget Travel recommends to become a more environmentally friendly traveler.

  1. Use Reusable Snack Bags: We all snack during our business travel and certainly during our vacation travel. If we used a reusable snack container instead of ziploc bags, we would become a more environmentally friendly traveler. Visit Reuseit.com for ideas. Consider their sandwich bags and “Tumble & Flip” bags.
  2. Tupperware, clear containers are better for your toiletries: Trade in your disposable travel bags for a tupperware version. If your toiletries go into an overnight bag, be sure it’s a clear version of tupperware as airport security will need to see what’s inside. When you arrive at your travel destination and empty this container, you can then use it for other purposes during your business travel stay or family vacation stay.
  3. Rechargeable Batteries Are Better: When you have the option, elect to use a rechargable battery as oppose to standard batteries. This is a good rule if you’re on business travel, vacation travel or at home. Visit Call2Recycle.org to get more tips on the recycling end of rechargeable batteries.
  4. Reduce the use of plastic water bottles: As many business travelers and vacation travelers already know, drinking tap water can result in a visit to the hospital. There are now easy tap water treatment options available so you can eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on your business or vacation travels. Research the SteriPEN, Micropur tablets, or Outback Water-Bottle Filter options. This will also make you an environmentally friendly traveler.
  5. If your business or vacation travel includes gifts, consider wrapping them after your arrival. TSA will often unwrap any wrapped gift and waste this material.

Budget Travel has offered us something to seriously consider and will help us become a more environmentally friendly traveler. We, as a ground transportation company ourselves encourage this behavior and attention to becoming a more eco friendly business or vacation traveler.

We hope this information helps and contributes to all of our efforts to create a cleaner world.

Don’t forget: If you are a business traveler or traveling on vacation with your family, please contact us so we can help you make all your airport travel arrangements.

Environmentally Friendly Travel

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