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Decisions About Airports: JFK or LaGuardia?

If you’re from out of town and have never been to New York City (NYC), a.k.a. Manhattan or “The Big Apple, or to Long Islanders and those from the five Burroughs: “The City”), don’t be overwhelmed.  The good news about a City this big is the plethora of airports to choose from: John F. Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia (LGA).

If you’re a business traveler you may want to figure out which airport would be the easiest given your schedule of meetings and events. There are some distinct differences to compare the two, however, ultimately, it will depend on the flight you choose and can afford, and which of the two airports that airline flies into and out of JFK vs.LaGuardia.

Here are some basic items of comparison to assist you:

JFK Airport

JFK being accessible by subway from the City is also accessible to the City.  One website to keep with you at all times is www.mta.info for a map of subway lines and their destinations.  “MTA” stands for “Manhattan Transit Authority.”  In addition there is a one-connection monorail/train to the City that can get you there fairly quickly.

JFK is a big airport and as a bigger airport it has more runways.  However, JFK is farther from the City, which means if you are taking a cab instead of public transportation it could be a “crap shoot” whether the driver knows the best, quickest route.  But consider your affordable and much easier options with a corporate sedan service to JFK or LaGuardia.


LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Getting from LGA into the City of Manhattan involves taking the Q33 bus to get you to the subway.  There is no public transportation that goes directly to this airport.  However, this being a slightly smaller airport, it can be a great deal easier and quicker to exit, and it’s much closer to the City.  Our clients really appreciate the ease and convenience of having a corporate sedan service waiting for them when they land.

The biggest downside is that LGA only has 2 intersecting runways and they’re shorter than any of JFK’s. If the weather is iffy, you may be more affected by delays, and in January the weather is always iffy in NYC.

Some travelers opt for EWR Newark Airport first, but once again, it depends on your needs and what day you are flying into, or out of the City.  If you’re traveling in the middle of the work week you may have a delay getting into LaGuardia, depending on weather and traffic.  But on a Sunday morning LaGuardia is do-able.

The general rule of thumb:  if you’re going to Manhattan be prepared for traffic as a way of life!

Traveling is always a bit more of a hassle than any of us would like.  If you have a good deal of luggage you will want to be very sure that you have enough hands and energy for the hustle and bustle of getting off the plane, getting your luggage, taking it to the public transportation and lugging it to your locationThere is an easier way.  We’re here to helpCall us for an estimate.  Have your comfortable luxury sedan waiting for you, and a driver to assist you rather than toughing it out.  You’ll arrive at your business destination calm, cool and collected.

Decisions About Airports: JFK or LaGuardia?

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