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Corporate Travel Planners: Think Cruise Ships

CNN Reports More Business Travel & Meetings Are Occurring On Cruise Ships.

In a recent business travel article by CNN, we have learned that cruise lines are getting more attention from the corporate travel planner and business travelers in general. They are quickly becoming a home for business meetings and a target of business meeting planners.

Give credit to the business meeting planners and corporate travel planners that have recognized the value and advantages of holding a business meeting or conference on a cruise line where attendees can glance from their meeting table, out of the window and see the inspiration of a tranquil blue sea. Someone has done the research and determined that this makes for a more productive business meeting.

This number has climbed from 6% to 8% in only one year. Common sense tells you that this is what a corporate retreat should look like and corporate travel planners are catching on in a big way. The comparison is simple in the eyes of the researchers quoted by CNN. Would you rather be in a business meeting or corporate conference in a dark hotel ball room, or in a room that overlooks the beauty of the seas? That answer is somewhat easy to conclude and business travel planner gets it.

Many new ships that have entered this market in the past decade making it much easier for the corporate and business traveler to access. In fact, the article states that there are now at least 27 new gateways of cruise travel that include many major metropolitan cities making it easier for the corporate travel planner to coordinate a business meeting on the high seas.

The corporate meeting planner only needs to do their homework and they will find the right cruise line as there are now in excess off 22 that have built ships that focus on the corporate meeting objectives. One won’t replace the other but this is clearly a great alternative for the corporate travel planner.

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Corporate Travel Planners: Think Cruise Ships

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