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Corporate Event Planning – Different Perspectives


business event plannersIf you already hold the title of Corporate Event Planner or you are part of the process at any level and holding any title, the more you know and understand about the event planning process the better. If you are responsible for providing a corporate customer a memorable and productive event, you probably already know how many pieces to this puzzle there can be.

We created this article to help corporate meeting planners both small and large see and recognize perspectives from other professionals involved in this process. For example:

  1. How does providing transportation fit into a major corporate event from the eyes of an executive car service like Corporate Sedan Service?
  2. How do other industry experts and participants construct and develop their solutions?
  3. How do the roles of different members of the event planning industry contribute to the process that you might ultimately be responsible for?
  4. How can these different perspectives help you manage many of the facets of an important business event?

Here are some other articles and information from a transportation providers point of view:


As I stated in the opening of this blog post, there are so many elements that a corporate travel or corporate meeting planner has to consider, getting different perspectives from others that are in a business that contributes to the final product, could prove to be very helpful.

Below are some ideas and input from other companies that play a role in a significant corporate event:

1. Know & Understand Various Corporate Event Categories.

Exhibitor Magazine breaks down different corporate event categories as follow:

  • C- Level/VIP Event – This is an event that specifically targets partners or executive customers.
  • A Customer Appreciation Event – This event is usually created to improve and nurture the relationship between a business and their customers.
  • Dealer Or Distributor Event – The purpose of this type of event is to train, inform or educate franchisees, dealers or distributors and will also foster the relationships between the two.
  • Green Event – This event not only applies focus on some traditional, corporate objectives but also plan in elements to have a positive eco-effect by reducing energy consumption. More on sustainability is offered by Carlson Studio, LEED Accredited Architectual Firm.
  • International Corporate Event – A media or business event help outside of the United States.
  • Media Event – This is a business conference that targets and focuses on media attention by hosting members of the media and related professionals.
  • Non-Traditional Event – This is a customer or media event that doesn’t fit into other traditional categories.
  • Private Trade Show – An event or traditional trade show that includes a “by invitation only” policy.
  • Public Trade Show – A very common business event help for the public or specific group of customers to promote a specific industry and it’s participants.
  • User Conference – An educational events help by a service or product vendor for its customers or end users.
  • A Virtual Event – More and more business organizations are holding a virtual event like webinars, training or other conference organized virtually by use of various types of technology. Go To Meeting and Join Me are popular conduits to hold successful virtual meetings and other events.

2. How To Secure Corporate Sponsorship For A Business Event.

TCG Event Planning in Charlotte North Carolina suggest this strategy to attract and secure sponsors for an appropriate corporate event.

3. Choosing The Right Location

One of the most popular conference centers MGM Grand Conference Centers holds hundreds of conventions, conferences and other business events throughout the year. They offer this document to assist all corporate meeting planners in many different stages of the planning process. Review their “Meeting Planner Guide” for valuable insight and ideas.

4. Industry Specific Blogs

Below is a partial list of some of the best and more innovative event planning blog sites that are updates regularly. These are great sources of information because they are constructed to keep fresh, related content that will help you as a meeting planner connected to popular and important industry trends.

  1. TechsyTalk – This is a blog that focuses on how technology continues to play a growing role in many aspects of corporate event planning and related responsibilities.
  2. Endless Entertainment – A great blog that speaks to the entertainment value of your conference, convention or meeting. The focuses of this blog also includes customer service as well as overall production of an event.
  3. Smart Meetings – A great resource for everything meeting related. This blog can be very helpful to the business meeting planner when it comes to choosing venues and all of the choices that go along with this one major component of your meetings.
  4. Velvet Chainsaw – The appearance of this blog might be a departure from the norm but this blog focuses wisely on improvements and additions you can consider for your upcoming convention, conference or meeting.


As you can see from the information above, there are many resources and many different ideas that will help the corporate event planner industry. We plan on continuing this subject in some of our own upcoming blogs so stay tuned if you find this type of information helpful.

We are one of the pieces of the corporate event planning puzzle. Sometimes we are a small piece and sometimes we are a large piece. We encourage you to reach out to us for advice, ideas, rate quotes or other transportation consulting needs as you get to this part of your planning. Just use the button below to ask a question, get a rate quote or request a consultation. Happy planning!

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Corporate Event Planning – Different Perspectives

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