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Choosing Your Airline In Philadelphia

How do all airlines that fly into and out of Philadelphia airport rank in terms of on-time statistics and the causes of delay?

As consumers we are always finding ourselves in the position of choosing a product, service or vendor. Many times we make this decision based on other’s input, recommendations, past experience, I got the feeling or even advertising. Sometimes the most effective way to make a decision like this is by simply understanding the data or statistics.

So today’s question is, what airline should I select when flying into or out of Philadelphia that offers me the best on-time arrival performance? When you just look at the selection that is offered in terms of airlines that fly into Philadelphia, this task can seem very daunting.

Here are just some of your choices when choosing to fly into Philadelphia:

  • ATA Airlines (TZ)
  • AirTran Airways (FL)
Alaska Airlines Inc. (AS)
  • Aloha Airlines Inc. (KH)
America West Airlines Inc. (HP)
American Airlines Inc. (AA)
  • American Eagle Airlines Inc. (MQ)
Atlantic Coast Airlines (DH)
  • Atlantic Southeast Airlines (EV)
  • Comair Inc. (OH)
Continental Airlines Inc. (CO)
  • Delta Airlines Inc. (DL)
ExpressJet Airlines Inc. (EV)
  • ExpressJet Airlines Inc. (XE)
Frontier Airlines Inc. (F9)
Hawaiian Airlines Inc. (HA)
  • Independence Air (DH)
JetBlue Airways (B6)
  • Mesa Airlines Inc. (YV)
Northwest Airlines Inc. (NW)
Pinnacle Airlines Inc. (9E)
  • SkyWest Airlines Inc. (OO)
Southwest Airlines Co. (WN)
US Airways Inc. (US)
  • United Airlines Inc. (UA)
  • Virgin America (VX)


The big picture looks like this. the total on-time arrival performance into the city of Philadelphia alone breaks down into the following statistics:

  1. on-time arrivals were 81.05% in 2012
  2. delays caused by the air carrier or a 4.43% in 2012
  3. weather delays were at .65%
  4. national aviation system delays were 8.03%
  5. security delays were only at .02%
  6. a 2nd aircraft arriving late cost 4.34% of the delays
  7. canceled flights were 1.38%
  8. diverted flights were at 0.11% ne

So, all things considered, flights arriving into the city of Philadelphia between January and December of 2012 have a fairly good record of 81.05%. These numbers and even more detailed statistics will always help us understand how to make the best possible decisions when choosing an Airline carrier in Philadelphia or any other major metropolitan area.
Stay tuned to this blog as we will drive further into this data and look at other airports around the country and around the world. We will also have the ability to drive further down into each of these categories of delays and understand more about each individual airline, its equipment and what we can expect when choosing a major airline.

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All statistics provided by “RITA

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Choosing Your Airline In Philadelphia

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