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An Executive Car Service Checklist Every Travel Planner MUST Have

If you’re in charge of booking an executive car service for your business or organization, you’ll definitely need the most accurate and up-to-date information available to keep you ‘ahead of the pack’ — and looking good on the job.

But if you’re a corporate travel planner, there’s no doubt that you do not have an abundance of extra time on your hands, and there are so many executive car services out there vying for your company’s business… which means SO MUCH information to cover when deciding exactly which transportation provider will best suit your company’s needs at the right price, at the right time, with the right experience and credentials to ensure a reliable and cost-effective executive car service solution.

And that’s where a comprehensive checklist proves invaluable; to help you focus on getting all the right answers to all the right questions using the most effective and time saving means available.

The Executive Car Service Checklist

While many considerations factor in to what will ultimately be the best car service for your corporate community or organization, there are some points in particular which are absolutely non-negotiable — and this is where you’ll want to begin your decision-making process. By eliminating those executive car services that do not adhere to critical points on your master checklist, you can immediately weed out the inferior candidates and free up more time to effectively research those which meet your all-important foundational list criteria.

Here’s your head start… an overview of some critical evaluation points:

Researching Guidelines – Longevity and transparency speak volumes.

Private Service vs. Shared Ride – Unraveling the mystery to tip the scales.

Technology Considerations – With today’s available tools to automate and guarantee accurate accounting and reliable transportation services, why waste time with any company not using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technologies?

Social Media’s Effect On Your Decisions – What you can learn from the “global microphone”

Availability Considerations – How to make sure your executive car service has the flexibility to be onhand when YOU need them.

Security Policies – As a travel planner, your top priority should be the safety of your company’s travelers. Do not leave this one to chance!

Responsibility Issues – How to determine whether punctuality and consistency are as important to your executive car service provider as they are to your company.

Vendor Performance – Evaluating skills, commitment and customer service.

It is true that corporate travel planning can be challenging on many levels — but when you do find the right transportation provider, a significant portion of your comprehensive scheduling duties become consistently smoother.

The right provider will reduce stress and cost while increasing efficiency and flexibility.

Establishing a long-term relationship with the right executive car service provider is a significant step in managing your company’s ground transportation needs. With your travel planning objectives in mind, we have created this checklist to help you evaluate all the important criteria that should be considered when researching executive car and limousine service.

Download our free executive car service checklist to help eliminate many of the pitfalls today’s corporate travel planners stumble upon… and get a head start on your transportation provider research!

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An Executive Car Service Checklist Every Travel Planner MUST Have

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