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7 Corporate Event Recommendations by Impressed Philadelphia Execs

In our continued efforts to help make work a little easier for Corporate travel planners in the Philadelphia area, we like to share exceptional corporate venues and executive event information as we hear it from our corporate car service clients. We have been providing ground transportation for corporate executives for nearly 20 years, and during our travels we’ve picked up some valuable inside tips from our passengers.

We get to hear it straight from those corporate travelers who have experienced the events firsthand, and we’re happy to pass it along to any executive assistants who can shave some time off their duties as a result of our corporate clients’ personal recommendations.

Philadelphia Area Corporate Events

Corporate Executives are accustomed to workshops, seminars, retreats and all manner of company parties… these come with the territory. But after awhile the hotels, schedules, meals and various segments of travel can all begin to look alike, and start to become a little boring, (so our riders tell us!)

But every now and then a particular event stands out, and these are the ones our corporate clients love to share, (perhaps in hopes that if they spread the word, they’ll get to do more FUN stuff in the course of their travels… a chance to let off a little steam and re-charge the proverbial batteries!) Here are a few ideas that stood out among them:

The Amazing Chase

Teams race around the city following route markers, encountering road blocks, and working their way through unique challenges, fun detours and a variety of interactive tasks before racing back to the finish line. Optional selections include:

  • existing course or custom-designed
  • location of your choosing
  • start and finish at your choice of location

For more info: www.americanoutback.net/events/amazing_chase.php

CI: The Crime Investigators

The theme of forensic investigation adapted into an entertaining group format, allowing teams to compete in a creative and exciting activity. Teams must work together to navigate their way through a series of crime scenes. The objectives:

  • search for clues
  • preserve and document evidence
  • solve the case

For more info: www.philadelphiateambuilding.com/teambuilding_ci.php

Corporate Entertainment Cruises

Cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia or Freedom Elite with dining, entertainment and stunning harbor views. Onboard event planners and packages to accommodate all your event planning needs, from business meetings to fun employee outings, networking events to holiday parties. Great for:

  • client appreciation
  • employee recognition
  • new product introductions
  • team brainstorming sessions
  • staff morale building

For more info: www.entertainmentcruises.com/Groups/Philadelphia/corporate

Corporate Events at Dave & Busters

From annual meetings to special events, this venue has everything you need to throw a spectacular company event. Event planners, accommodations and meeting spaces for groups of nearly any size, and an executive billiards room that’s sure to be a hit with the bigwigs. Specialized team building activities include:

  • Company challenge – building camaraderie
  • Mad Dash – teadership skills
  • Ultimate Quest – talent assessment
  • Balloon Pop – problem solving
  • D&B Great Race – communication
  • Ticket Master – collaboration

For more info: www.daveandbusters.com/events/plan-your-event/corporate-events

Murder Mysteries

A customized Philadelphia Murder Mystery dinner show customized for the group and venue. Ideal for teambuilding corporate events, meetings and incentives awards, weddings, family gatherings, dinners or charity fundraisers. An interactive murder mystery event where participants:

  • examine clues
  • interrogate suspects
  • evaluate alibis
  • solve the mystery

For more info: www.theyimprov.com/philadelphia-murder-mystery.htm

Party in the Park Company Picnic

An ideal event to create a social, inclusive atmosphere for your company. Professional event planners handle the entire planning process and create a memorable event including:

  • great food
  • activities
  • deluxe menu options
  • themed décor
  • games & challenges
  • fun race events
  • entertainment

For more info: www.philadelphiateambuilding.com/entertainment-company-picnics.php

Wild Goose Chase Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

A smartphone-powered photo scavenger hunt full of ‘smart’ socially-oriented missions and hilarious challenges. Designed to coerce teams out of their comfort zones, while having an absolute blast together! Teams choose from missions such as:

  • Coffee Bar Star
  • Frenemies
  • Green Weaver
  • Hairy Scary!

For more info: www.funteambuilding.net/smartphone-scavenger-hunt.php

We hope that the tips and tools we provide as part of our informational blog offerings will help to free up some of your time that can instead be spent scheduling flights, booking venues & hotel rooms, planning detailed itineraries and scheduling ground transportation services… you know, all in a day’s work.  🙂

Corporate Transportation Services

When it’s time to turn your attention to locating the best corporate transportation service for your company’s needs, consider Corporate Sedan Services for our experience, travel planner tools, online reservation systems, 24/7 real time tracking and reliable, state-of-the-art executive fleet of luxury vehicles. We have been specializing in corporate travel services in the Philadelphia area since 1996, and we understand the needs of executive assistants and travel planners.

You can get started by requesting a fast, free online rate quote to see how cost-effective it can be to accommodate your corporate execs while making yourself look good in the process!

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7 Corporate Event Recommendations by Impressed Philadelphia Execs

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