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Working in Philadelphia – 6 Traits of a Great Secretary

So you’ve got this great new secretarial job, working for a great company in Philadelphia.

You want to show them your best! We thought these tips on the six traits of great secretaries would help you.

We understand what it’s like to be new.   PLS has been in business for a long time – we’re a mainstay of the Philadelphia business community.  We’ve had lots of experience watching the comings and goings of employees from all kinds of companies, and from our observation of the secretaries and administrative assistants in the Philadelphia businesses we service there are some common traits that make them priceless!

So, we thought we’d write this blog for you – the men and women who are the backbone of any company anywhere – and talk about the kinds of common traits that have given them job security, and often have helped them to climb the corporate ladder.

Many secretaries and administrative personnel took the position to get a foot in the door, and that’s a great way to learn the business and prove yourself.  You’re educated, savvy and ambitious, and if that describes you we’ll bet you will have all eight of these traits listed below.  But if you’re lacking one or two make it your goal to develop any ones that are missing.  Show your boss you can grow.

Without further ado…..

  • You’re a Self-starter.  No company hires you to be a paper pusher who only does what you’re told.  The secretaries that take initiative and really think about how to anticipate needs are the most successful.  Going above and beyond what you’re told to do, and being pro-active makes you a hugely valuable team member.
  • You are Efficient.  While no boss expects you to be quick and efficient when you first start, those secretaries that spend the extra time it takes to learn their jobs inside and out become indispensable over time.  Before you know it, the things that took you a while to do when you first started are now items you breeze through.
  • You are Reliable.  Productivity can sometimes come to a grinding halt when the boss’s right hand person – YOU – isn’t someone he or she can count on.  Reliability includes being on time with everything that is under your control.  It also includes honesty and attention to detail for accuracy.
  • You are Tactful.  This is a big key to being a great secretary – one who is not only pleasant and kind, but who thinks carefully before speaking, and uses the greatest of tact.  Whether with co-workers, clients or customers it may sometimes come down to your skill of tact that calms an imminent conflict.
  • You are Flexible.  While you may have been hired for 9-5, there are times when businesses need some flexibility.  Perhaps a major project or presentation requires some overtime, or perhaps an important client comes into town a day earlier than expected and they need to be picked up at the airport.  Flexibility as a great trait means that you take the challenges in stride and can adapt as needed.
  • You are Patient.  Let’s face it, on a daily basis there will be challenges, and some of them may really be stressful ones.  Chances are also good that your boss is under an equal or greater amount of stress and your calm patience to work problems through for the best possible outcome makes you a true gem.

How did you do?  Don’t worry, these are all learned skills – that’s great news!  If you find an area of weakness you can practice.  Another good tactic is to elicit assistance from other secretaries who have been around the company for a while. Chances are they will have some advice to help you.  Never be afraid to ask.  How else will you learn?

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Working in Philadelphia – 6 Traits of a Great Secretary

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