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What to Expect at The AACR Annual Meeting in Philly

If you are planning to attend the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) annual meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia April 18th through 22nd, 2015, you’re in for a life-changing event.

The theme of this year’s meeting is: “Bringing Cancer Discoveries to Patients. The event will highlight the latest, most exciting discoveries in all areas of cancer research, providing a unique opportunity for investigators from all around the world to come together for interaction and the sharing of insights.

Corporate Sedan Services is not endorsed by or affiliated with the American Association for Cancer Research

The AACR 2015 event promises to be jam-packed with information, technology, interaction and programs to cover all facets of the future in cancer research. Here’s an overview of scheduled sessions and events to be found at the Annual Meeting:

·         Opening Plenary Session: The Genome and Beyond

o   Insights from cancer genomes into the mutational processes underlying cancer development

o   Above the genome: The epigenome and its biology and translational potential

o   Engineering the cancer genome

o   Using genomics to personalize cancer immunotherapy


·         Plenary Session: The Genome and Beyond

o   Molecular risk stratification for aspirin chemoprevention

o   Drastically reducing HPV-associated cancers through etiologically based primary and secondary prevention

o   Stool DNA detection of colorectal neoplasia: A new high bar for noninvasive screening

o   Early detection and prevention of liver cancer: Leveraging lessons learned from liver repair


·         Plenary session: Drug Resistance

o   Drug resistance: A genetic perspective

o   Genetic screens to understand drug resistance

o   Drug resistance: Translating discoveries into the clinic

o   Drug resistance: A cell biologist’s perspective


·         Plenary session: Oncology Meets Immunology: Not Just Another “Hallmark”

o   Mechanisms of protective tumor immunity

o   Leukocytes as targets for therapy in solid tumors

o   Fatal attraction: A new story featuring the immune system and pancreatic cancer

o   The mechanistic basis of cancer immunotherapy

·         Wrap-Up Plenary Session: AACR Annual Meeting 2015: Latest Developments, Future Trends

o   Basic Science

o   Clinical and Translational Science

o   Prevention and Early Detection

o   Wrap-Up and Vision for the Future

In case you aren’t sure, AACR meetings, conferences, and workshops are not limited to members only; both members and non-members may attend, (members will pay a lower registration fee, however, at several hundred+ dollars less than non-members.) Corporate Sedan Services is not endorsed by or affiliated with the American Association for Cancer Research

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(Corporate Sedan Services is not endorsed by or affiliated with the American Association for Cancer Research)



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What to Expect at The AACR Annual Meeting in Philly

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