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10 Apps for Your Business Travelers

In todays technology driven world, there are many advantages for your travel management needs.

There is no need for paper printed tickets, your business travelers now have everything at their finger tips using their smart phones.  This allows both you and your road warriors ease in tracking expenses and making last minute changes to any itinerary.

You and your team are probably already using a number of apps and websites to ensure your company’s travel is as productive as possible.

So which ones really give you an advantage to ease the stress of business travel?

Have your team check out these apps!

1. Google Docs

For business on the go, this really is a one stop app.  Easily review, edit, share and collaborate with your whole team. Have your road warriors track expenses in an excel format.  Create itineraries that are easily accessible at any time on the drive.  This allows your travelers to work simultaneously with colleagues on documents, spreadsheets, presentations while changes and edits are shown in real time. All documents are accessible from anywhere.

2. Expensify

Expensify can help simplify the travel expense process for your team. By scanning receipts, importing credit card transactions, and easily log mileage and time for billable expenses. With in the app, you can even process direct deposit for reimbursement.  Expensify can also update your travelers with real time flight information.

3. DocuSign

DocuSign is essential for your traveling CEO.   This powerful app can manage and execute all stages of a transaction with digital signatures.  Your CEO can prepare agreements from existing documents without needing to create new forms or rekey data. The controlled automated system shares the agreements with the right people, allowing business to move faster for your traveler.

4. GateGuru

GateGuru is an amazing app for your road warriors.  This app is a comprehensive guide to the airport.  This will update flight delays, gates, and layover times.  This app also let’s your traveler know the amenities, where to eat, drink and where free wi-fi is available!

5. TripIt

TripIt could make you and your traveler’s life a bit easier.  By forwarding all your email reservations and confirmations for hotels, airline tickets, car reservations, and even resturaunts, an automatic trip itinerary is created.  This itinerary is then synced with your calendar and is easily shared with co-workers.

6. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight allows travelers to reserve last minute discounted hotel rooms.  Even the best planned trips can end up with unexpected delays, and last minute schedule changes.  This app currates hotels from basic to deluxe, and can even be sorted through by a list of amenities.  You and your team can make those last minute reservations from 7 days in advance, all the way to the day of check-in.

7. JetLag Genie

JetLag Genie is a great app for your international travelers.  Jet lag can seriously affect the bottom line to having a successful business trip.  This app can help your team create a special schedule based on where they are, and what their normal sleep patterns are.  Your travelers will be alerted when the best time for a nap is, when to go get some sun, and when to go to bed and of course, when to wake up.

8. PackPoint

PackPoint is a great app that helps suggest what your team may need bring on their trip.  By inputting where you’re going, for how long, and what types of events you will be participating, this app will create a custom list.  This could be especially helpful for travelers with multiple destinations in one trip.

9. FieldTrip

Even though your team is traveling for business, they likley still want to explore.  Fieldtrip is a great app to find out the best local resturuants and attractions based on traveler’s location and preferences.  This app can even send an alert when they are near a location that may interest them.

10. HeadsUp

Everyone needs to have some light hearted fun, even while on the road for business!  This simple app game provides a word that the user places on their forehead, while friends and colleagues give clues so the user can guess the word.  The catogories range from food, movies, animals and celebrities.


We hope this list of apps proves to be helpful to you and your team.

At Corporate Sedan Service, let us focus on your transportation needs, by creating a corporate account, where you can easily make car reservations, receive e-mail confirmations and change travel on the fly.

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10 Apps for Your Business Travelers

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