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Top 10 Worst Holiday Gift Ideas (Are YOU Guilty of #8?)

We’ve all been there…

A friend, relative or colleague presents us with a beautifully-wrapped holiday gift in shiny, enticing paper, getting our hopes up that whatever is inside is as delightful as the packaging it came in.

Then to our horror, we open the box to discover a disappointing, (maybe even mortifying!) item inside, as we struggle to hide the shock and disbelief that’s sure to be splashed across our faces. While we want to be appreciative of a kind gesture, we’re already wondering how we’ll get away with not wearing or displaying whatever our benefactor has so generously selected for us.

Don’t Be a Terrible Gift “Inflictor!”

If you’ve been in the position of someone receiving an awkwardly awful gift in the past, keep this feeling in mind when making holiday selections for others… and don’t inflict them with terrible gifts! If you’re not sure whether a gift is suitable, (and will be truly appreciated,) start by checking this list of big fat DON’Ts when choosing presents this holiday.

  1. 1. Noisemakers, clackers and otherwise ear-polluting items – When giving to children, you’re doing parents NO favors by gifting their child an item that will grate on their nerves for weeks or months to come.
  2. 2. Novelty apparel – A cool holiday sweater or movie-themed pair of leggings may seem like ‘just the thing’ at the time, but unless someone is a die-hard fan of these concepts, your gift will only take up space where otherwise useful items could be stored. 
  3. 3. “X of the Month” clubs – Even when someone occasionally enjoys a certain food or beverage, they may get tired of having it arrive on their doorstep the whole year through. Worse yet, if someone doesn’t particularly like those flavored jellies or fruity wine coolers, they’ll be stuck with something (and someone) to dislike every single month! 
  4. 4. Kitchen gadgets – A nifty bread maker or home brewery kit might seem like a great idea, but you’re really just making your recipient purchase ingredients and work to figure out what is often a complicated, headache-inducing process. Even if your gift is used once, the likelihood of a second use is slim to none. 
  5. 5. Cleaning supplies – There’s no better way to tell someone “what they’re good for” than to hand them cleaning products and tools… not to mention the inference that their home NEEDS to be cleaned! 
  6. 6. Workout Programs/DVDs – This one really needs no explanation, does it? If you don’t get why this is a bad idea, simply avoid doing it and call it a day. 
  7. 7. Expensive Jewelry – A gorgeous diamond necklace or exquisite bracelet is a lovely gift for someone you know very well, but if you’re not entirely sure what someone would like, it’s unfair to give them something they may not want to wear but feel obligated to do so because they know you’ve spent a bundle on them. 
  8. 8. Lottery tickets/scratch-offs – This seems like a ‘neat’ idea in theory; the “Charlie Bucket” potential of a golden ticket inside that shiny wrapper; but losing brings disappointment, and if they win the jackpot, the giver is apt to have major regrets about having given it away. 
  9. 9. Works of art – What seems pleasing to your eye may be considered hideous to the recipient. Giving art as a gift makes the receiver feel obligated to display it in appreciation even if they don’t like it, and forces them to look at something they consider unpleasant every day. 
  10. 10. Anything fascinating but useless – Those “As Seen On TV” ads present interesting novelty products, but in reality many of those items fall short of advertised promises. Even if they actually work, your friends or family members simply may not have the same interest you do, and your gift will end up as fodder for an upcoming yard sale.

Stay away from these and other unconventional (aka unwanted) gifts, and save your money for presents that show the recipient you care enough to understand what type of gifts THEY would personally enjoy.

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Top 10 Worst Holiday Gift Ideas (Are YOU Guilty of #8?)

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