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Three Ways to Make Your Prom Night Awesome

by Admin on Apr 10, 2019 2:58:34 PM

Corporate Sedan Service provides excellent prom night transportation solutions!

For over twenty years, we have been using our extensive fleet of vehicles to provide prom night transportation all throughout the country. We employ only the best professional drivers and offer competitive industry rates to all of our clients. We can accommodate bookings of all sizes, and can always cater to last minute requests. Due to the amount of prom night bookings that we receive, we’ve collated some tips to help make life easier for our potential and existing clients.

Organize a Large Group for the Prom

When planning for your child's prom night, we recommend gathering a large group together. All of your child's closest friends should gather at a pre-prom event where they can all get ready together before they pile into one of our luxury limousines and arrive at the event in style. In the past, we’ve spoken to parents that recommend inviting friends just outside of the child's immediate inner circle. Prom night is such an important life event, and the more people to share this experience with, the richer the memories that the night could create.

Consider the Small Things

When planning the perfect prom night, there is a myriad of tiny details that work together to shape the ideal experience for all involved. That being said, it can be easy to become distracted and forget about small things that are crucial to the success of the event. Booking transportation is one of the small but essential decisions.

The sooner that you reserve a vehicle for prom night, the better. Before booking, make sure that you have a rough estimate of the exact amount of guests that will be attending, and the amount of time in terms of hours that you will require the use of the limousine.

Safety First!

As prom night is a massive step towards adulthood for many teenagers, it’s crucial for them to still abide by the rules and stick to some common courtesies. Your child's limousine driver is an appointed chaperone that will also ensure the safety for all guests at all times, but you should still encourage good behavior.

At Corporate Sedan Service, our services include JFK airport limos, limos to Atlantic City, sporting event transportation, event support, and travel managers. For a free quote call 215-334-7207, or click here. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you ASAP!

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