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The National Liberty Museum – Philadelphia’s Tribute to Freedom

According to the National Liberty Museum website, …the National Liberty Museum is dedicated to preserving America’s heritage of freedom by fostering good character, civic responsibility and respect for all people.”

This pretty much says it all; striking a resounding chord not only with Philadelphia natives but for anyone in America who deeply believes in our nation’s principles of freedom and equality.

The National Liberty Museum – Philadelphia

When you’re jotting down your must-see list for Philadelphia area attractions, make sure you don’t leave this one out. Our nation’s rich cultural history is so beautifully demonstrated within these walls.

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect when visiting the National Liberty Museum…

  • 78 exhibits
  • 179 works of contemporary art
  • Stories of 2,000 heroes within 8 expansive galleries
  • 21-foot “Flame of Liberty” centerpiece by Dale Chihuly, the world’s most renowned glass artist

The Exhibits

Let Freedom Ring Gallery

Celebrating the rewards and responsibilities of living in a free society, featuring:

  • 200 outstanding Americans of the 20th century
  • 19 American Nobel Peace Prize winners
  • The First Amendment Room

Coming to America Gallery

Examining why our courageous ancestors suffered through hardship and peril to leave behind their familiar homelands and come to America, with inspiring success stories of subsequent generations.

Education Center/Chihuly Gallery

A gathering room where groups of student groups begin their tour of the Museum learning experience. Exhibits include:

  • A showcase of glass sculptures demonstrating characteristics of productive citizens
  • A giant “What Do You Stand For?” Puzzle Wall
  • A tribute to renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly
  • “Heroes of Character” state-of-the-art interactive adventure

From Conflict to Harmony Gallery

Making communities safer by exploring causes of violence, offering solutions to “Break the Cycle of Hate”, and honoring inspirational heroes who chose the higher path to peace. Included in this exhibit:

  • Jellybean Children’s Exhibit
  • “Shredder” machine to destroy cruel words
  • 10 ways to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Adjacent DNA Room to help visitors recognize what all of humankind has in common.

Lenfest Liberty Hall

A stirring tribute to America, including:

  • A collection of original Presidential china
  • An exhibit and film about the Medal of Honor and other Awards of Valor
  • A wall-sized print of Howard Chandler Christy’s “Signing of the Constitution”
  • A stunning portrait of all 43 American Presidents standing side-by-side in front of the White House

Voyage to Liberty through Faith Gallery

Honoring Biblical heroes as a reminder that America was the first country in existence to practice freedom of religion and choice. Stories of these heroic ancient leaders are depicted in wall-sizes stained glass, and original oil paintings tracing our nation’s development, dating back to the arrival of America’s first pilgrims.

Heroes From Around the World Gallery

Encouraging pride in ourselves and respect for others, the National Liberty Museum honors the achievements of heroic individuals from 55 nations around the world. Many of the heroes are presented in life-size dioramas, including:

  • Replica of Anne Frank’s secret annex
  • Replica of Nelson Mandela’s jail cell

This gallery also explores remarkable deeds by selfless Samaritans who saved the lives of strangers as demonstrated in the  “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Acts” exhibit, and  the “Peace Seekers,” wall dedicated to those who have devoted themselves to the promotion of peace.

Inspiration Exhibit

Honoring Americans who have demonstrated courage and determination in the face of physical, cognitive or psychological challenges, many of whom are well-known role models who overcame those obstacles to become highly successful individuals.

Heroes of 9/11 Memorial

A 3-story exhibit paying tribute to the heroes of 9/11, including:

  • Video footage of the attacks
  • Unforgettably poignant photographs
  • Faces of the heroes
  • A mural of the Pentagon, signifying the triumph of freedom over terrorism

Honoring our Home-State Heroes – the PA National Guard

Learning the history of our Pennsylvania Heroes, and their performance in the service of our nation. A copy of the Franklin Flag, (a flag authorized by Benjamin Franklin to identify our nation before our official flag was adopted), is also on display in this exhibit.

In addition to the exhibits, The National Liberty Museum also offers:

If you have the opportunity, a visit to The National Liberty Museum is an unforgettable, life-changing experience that everyone in our nation should explore at least once! For more information about a trip to the museum, call 215-925-2800 or visit www.libertymuseum.org/visiting-us.


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The National Liberty Museum – Philadelphia’s Tribute to Freedom

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