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The Best Philadelphia Hoagies… Aren’t in Philly???

We may be taking a risk making a statement like that here in Philadelphia, (a city well-known for specialty sandwiches), and many of our readers may not agree with it — but in a recent survey taken by our Philadelphia transportation services customers, we were surprised to find that according to our passengers, the best place to get a world-famous Philadelphia hoagie isn’t even within the Philly city limits! Astonishing, to say the least.

Here is the consensus of our customer poll…

The Best Philadelphia Hoagies

According to our riders, the topvoted and all-time tastiest hoagie on the planet can actually be found by crossing the Pennsylvania border into Atlantic City, New Jersey! (Some of you already know where we’re going with this.) Long before Atlantic City became famous for glittering nightlife and high-end casino gambling, there’s a place that is often called the “hoagie heaven”, and with good reason.

The White House Sub Shop has been offering up the most delectable Philadelphia hoagies, cheese steaks and world-famous submarine sandwiches since 1946, (you don’t stay in business that long without good reason!)

This family-owned and operated establishment was opened by Anthony Basile, made popular by Anthony along with his Aunt Basilia and Uncle Fritz Sacco, and the family tradition was carried on by their children who, as their website says, “are committed to maintaining that same tradition of excellence created by our parents.” It’s truly refreshing to find that kind of dedication to family business in this day and age.

Here are some of the tasty menu selections available at the White House Sub Shop:

  • Meatball Subs
  • Italian Subs
  • Steak Subs
  • Specialty Subs
  • Burgers

All sandwhiches are made with 91.1% fat free U.S.D.A. choice lean top round beef steak, cut fresh daily. For a complete menu, visit the White House Sub Shop website.

The original Atlantic City location at 2301 Arctic Avenue (on the corner of Arctic and Mississippi) is still standing, and has been serving up delicious Philadelphia hoagies for nearly 70 years to present day – they are ALWAYS packed with hungry hoagie fans. And now, an additional White House Sub Shop location can be found at Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City, (1000 Boardwalk).

These Philadelphia-style hoagies are so popular, the White House Sub Shop even ships their world-famous sandwiches to the following out-of-state cities:

  • New York, New York
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Los Angeles, California

But lucky us… we Philadelphians have to travel only a few short miles to get the real thing from the real place. So what are we waiting for???

I Need a Philadelphia Hoagie NOW!

Whether you live in or frequently travel through the Philadelphia tri-state area, we will help you get to the best places for authentic, delectable Philadelphia hoagies – or any other cuisine that satisfies your cravings. We’ll gladly pick you up at the curb in a Philadelphia limousine or sedan to take you to all of your favorite eating establishments.

Private, door-to-door service in a limo or sedan may be far more affordable than you realized, and it is certainly the most convenient way to travel in the busy Philadelphia area. It’s surprising how many of our reservations to Atlantic City include a detour by way of Arctic Avenue for a bite of this authentic Philadelphia hoagie experience. Why not get a quick online quote and see how easy it can be? It’s fast, simple, convenient and there’s no obligation to book transportation… and it’s only a mouse-click away:

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We’d love to hear what you think… why not drop us a line and let us know if YOU agree with what our surveyed customers have to say?


The Best Philadelphia Hoagies… Aren’t in Philly???

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My company had an international artist picked up at JFK and dropped off in Philadelphia, and the artist had the best time. The driver kept in touch with me throughout the day, so we could plan for arrival, and our artist had the most wonderful experience with the driver. That’s really astounding considering our artist had just gotten off a red-eye from across the world. Thank you so very much!

Meredith S.


Great customer service- tracking my flight, noting it was going to land 40 minutes early…and making the adjustment so someone was there to meet me at the airport early! Also, receiving a confirmation email 24 hours prior was reassuring as well. Thank you!!

Lynly C.


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