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Shared Ride Service vs. Private Limousine Service

Airport Travel Options:

Private Car Service Or Shared Ride Service… What’s A Better Option For You?

When making your business travel or vacation travel arrangements, these questions often enters the fray.

  • Should I hire a car and driver?
  • Do I call an airport taxi or corporate sedan?
  • Should I look for a less expensive airport shuttle?
  • Maybe public transportation like a train or bus is available?
  • Maybe call a friend or family member?

In this blog post, we will help you sort through your options and better understand the variables attached to using private car service or a shared ride or shuttle service to the airport.

We recommend a call to Skyline Airport Shuttle to assist you with all of your questions regarding a shared ride service: Have them contact you!

It is easy to use cost as your measuring stick and sometimes, when you narrow your decisions to directly equate with cash flow, it can become a rather easy decision. If that is your primary objective, call a friend or family member that will take you the airport for free. That was easy!

However, if you travel to airports on a more frequent basis, you can’t rely on friends and family as much. Therefore, it may be more important for you to better understand the choices available and although you always can make a selection from the menu above, but your 2 main choices usually boil down to private car service or a shared ride service. Here is our advice:

Private service, although a bit more costly, is usually the preferred method of the business traveler. Private car service or private limousine service allows the business traveler more time, less hassle and gets the executive, ground transportation door to door. The Corporate Sedan Service has been providing this type of airport service for more than 15 years with great success. As this is our main focus, we do not provide shared ride or shuttle airport transportation.

However, we do have a strong recommendation if you decide that a shared ride airport service makes more sense for your business travel or vacation travel plans. If you are traveling in the Philadelphia area, especially to The Newark Airport, we recommend you try Skyline Airport Shuttle for any shared ride airport services. One reason, is that you will discover that there is a difference between a shared ride service and a shuttle service.

An airport shuttle service normally requires you to meet at a central location adding to your overall travel plans whereas an airport shared ride service can make arrangements to collect you from your home or other requested pick up point. This can make a significant difference and make your business travel or vacation travel easier to manage.

To get all your questions answered, contact Skyline Airport Shuttle (shared ride service) using the contact information below. We have received great feedback about the quality of their Newark Airport shared ride service.


Would You Like Them To Contact You?

Skyline Airport Shuttle (Shared Ride)
(267) 240-3147

Shared Ride Service vs. Private Limousine Service

Clients Testimonials

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We have been using this service for years and have never had a bad experience. I have recommended this company to many friends and colleagues.

John O.


Our driver arrived a few minutes early, was professional, courteous and got us to the airport for our early morning flight without any problem! The car was immaculate and comfortable. I especially liked the 24 hour and 2 hour trip notification that was sent via email. It was reassuring to know they were following up. I highly recommend Corporate Sedan for any transportation needs!

Celeste C.


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