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Reaching Your Target Market of Women in Business

Statistics say that while social networking sites are big for women, blogs get almost two times the traffic from savvy business women.

Why?  On blogs, Women find resources and connect with other women  – either entrepreneurial or executive women climbing the corporate ladder.  They share tips, advice and wisdom on almost any topic imaginable, and among the most popular are those that connect career and businesswomen seeking help and connection to others who are equally driven to reach their goals, life balance of work and family, as well as issues like gaining equality at work.

Most women are already social creatures craving connection.  Though your grandmother would get together and crochet with friends around the kitchen table, solving each other’s problems, connecting heart stories and providing support, women today don’t have the time to gather in person nearly as much, but gather by blog communities they do!

If your target market is women, and you want to “get inside their heads,” what better way than to learn more about what they’re thinking, needing and wanting?  There are a vast number of women blog sites, here are some of the most popular:

  1. Looking for information on finance, law and business?  Check out The Glass Hammer!  Hundreds of bloggers take on gender discrimination and failure.  Their tag line?  “smart women in numbers,” and it’s a very busy community.
  2. Generation Y women connect to Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist for management and career advice.
  3. Yes, Virginia, there are awards for best blogs and the Stevie Awards finalist for blog of the year is She Takes on the World, started by Natalie MacNeil.  This blog features tips for businesswomen, creating your dream career, interviews and focusing on your future; including entrepreneurship advice.
  4. The 23+ million unique visitors per month statistics is no joke!  BlogHer is a blog hosting site that holds conferences and has a publishing network for blogs written by qualified, professional women.  It is the largest female blogging community.

These blogs are only a few of what’s out there.  If you want to get face-to-face with the heart of the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia women in business scene as an attendee or an exhibitor, don’t miss the upcoming, Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2nd annual Women’s Conference  at the Crystal Tea Room this year.  This is “THE women’s event of the summer.” If you want to get in front of Delaware Valley and Philadelphia area businesswomen, or if you are a businesswoman yourself, this is the place to be on July 19th!


Reaching Your Target Market of Women in Business

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