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Philadelphia Business Facing Vital Employee Issue

Philadelphia and the Philadelphia area is home to some top businesses.  Just to name a few well-known names include:

  • Health Partners Plans
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • SAP Americas  – Newtown Square
  • The  Vanguard Group – Malvern
  • Keller Williams – Center City

Regardless of the size or type of company, all businesses share a common challenge when it comes to insuring a drug and alcohol-free staff and workplace.

You may find this an odd topic to be posted on the blog of a corporate sedan service, however we care about Philadelphia businesses and, as a premiere limousine and car service to some of the largest businesses in the Philadelphia-New York-New Jersey region, this issue is of paramount concern to us, and because our service is that of driving clients safely to and from airports, business meetings, sight-seeing locations, events and celebrations, we are more diligent than ever about screening our drivers and employees.

While employee assistance programs can help, no one wants to admit to having a problem, let alone an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Yet on-the-job-accidents and cost to the bottom line due to employees under the influence while on the job can be devastating to any business.
How can you help?  You probably don’t want to be the person who confronts your co-worker, nor the one who reports them.  This is especially so if it’s someone you work side-by-side with and have a friendly business relationship with.

Two big challenges of addiction behavior include 1) denial and, as a result of the addict’s denial, 2) making promises to others that they can’t keep; like “I can quit at any time.”  Don’t be fooled.  While you don’t want to falsely report someone, and the objective is NOT to have some kind of “witch hunt,” it is vital to observe and catalog consistent and persistent observations which cause concern and suspicion.

This is not just for the good of the Company, though in deed, that is of top priority, but in truth, intervention is one of the best things anyone can do for the addict him or herself (and their family).

This is a delicate situation, and a difficult position for you to be in.  Unless you know that an employee is on a special prescription for illness which could cause behavioral or other problems, you and H.R. need to be observant to rule out addiction.  We urge Philadelphia businesses (or any business anywhere) to stay on top of some of the common signs which could indicate addiction.

  1. Accidents: If your employee is handling equipment while under the influence, impairing reflexes and judgment.
  2. Communication problems, confusion and difficulty following clear instructions
  3. Increased volatility (anger blowouts) with minor conflicts
  4. Physical signs (red eyes, looking haggard, chronically tired or unwell)
  5. Irresponsibility/unreliability (not calling in; taking afternoons off after lunch cocktails and not informing anyone).
  6. Chronic lateness on work production deadlines (makes lots of seemingly plausible excuses.)
  7. Observation of the employee at lunches, business parties or socials and other events (count the number of drinks consumed within an hour or two).
  8. Always talking about need for more money, or continually asking to borrow money.
  9. Falling asleep at their desk several times in a month.

The list could go on.  We hope you get the idea.  Educate yourself with information about alcohol addiction by visiting the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and (CESAR) the Center for Substance Abuse Research http://www.cesar.umd.edu/ .

By remaining diligent about substance abuse in your staff you will certainly save money for your company, and more importantly, you may just save a life!  We leave you with this last question:  What if you don’t intervene and something terrible happens?

At Philadelphia Limousine Service we take your safety extremely seriously.

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Philadelphia Business Facing Vital Employee Issue

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