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Pennsylvania – Proud of 80% High School Grads- Prom Night Safety

If your child is about to graduate from high school, congratulations!

More high school students are graduating, throughout the Country, and that means more parents are concerned with helping their teens understand prom night safety.

According to the Washington Post the National graduation rate increased to 75.5 percent in 2009 up from 72% in 2001, in part due to fewer students attending what is known as “dropout factories” (high schools where 60% of students don’t graduate on time).  Last count was 1,550 in 2010, down from 2,007 in 2002.

March 2012 PennLive.com states that Pennsylvania is holding at a high school graduation rate of 80% —  A statistic to be proud of for sure. 

Prom Safety

So here you are with graduation fast approaching.  Your kid wants a party, and to celebrate in ways that might just make you cringe to think about what they might get into when left to free roam until all hours of the night; after all, at 18 they are “technically” adults right?

But the choices they make may not be ones you are really happy about.  How can you help your teen plan a graduation that is both fun and safe?  Well, communication is the key, as well as planning.  According to the Safety Information Center we found at Response Insurance, here is a great list of how to keep the lines of communication open and to make sure that your teen has both fun and within guidelines you can both agree on.

Alcohol on Prom Night

You can also learn more about helping your teen have an understanding of just what risks they take when alcohol is involved past a reasonable amount.

There may not be anyone who would serve as a designated driver in your teen’s group of peers.  Teens are also highly resistant to having a parent be the designated driver.  Prom night is a sort of “rite of passage” which somehow surpasses logic (imagine teens not having logic? LOL).

As you plan, you may want to consider having a dedicated limousine or car service to take your teens to and from so that no one has to think about driving and everyone will be accounted for.



Pennsylvania – Proud of 80% High School Grads- Prom Night Safety

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