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More Tools To Help Your Sales Pop!

What Closing Techniques Work Best For Your Sales Process?

Who Are We? The Corporate Sedan Service provides ground transportation to Philadelphia area corporations, executives including their employees, clients and families. We service Philadelphia Airport, JFK Airport, Newark Airport & Atlantic City.

This blog is a continuously developing resource for our corporate clients. We provide information that makes every aspect of business travel successful and productive.

This blog post offers our corporate customers some unique insights into the art of closing the deal and more tools you can use during your sales presentations. What closing strategies should be considered, developed and customized for your own sales process.

Lets breakdown the buyer, seller relationship into three parts:

  1. The initial idea or concept developed by the seller.
  2. The interest expressed by the buyer.
  3. Closing the deal
Because we are always researching business related information and even getting input from our ground transportation customers in the Philadelphia area, we feel it is safe to assume that the first two parts of this successful business relationship are easier to accomplish than the last. So lets consider some good ideas to help you make the closing process easier and satisfying for both parties.
  • Timing – Think about the time you spend between the moment your customer is in agreement or has said “yes”. 
There are so many things that can happen during this time like buyers remorse or other types of second guessing. So many of the customers that have hired us for their executive car service, on their way to an important sales presentation have shared this extremely important consideration. The faster you can get your prospect that is agreeing in principle to sign the formal agreement the better.
  • Urgency – Remember, your prospect is not on the same schedule as you are. 
You are on the telephone or traveling to your business presentation because that is what is the priority to you. It may not be the same priority to them. Your prospect may be planning to buy but the clock isn’t turning as fast as it is for you, the seller. If you are prepared with a realistic sense of urgency, you are more likely to get the buyer on the same page with you.
  • The Competition Factor – The buyer must be aware that your product or service is beneficial and valuable.
If he/she can recognize this as a prospect, they must also be able to recognize that you, the seller, can offer this benefit to one of the buyers competitors. Don’t be afraid to mention and use this equation. Many times, when your prospect can see how special your product or service really is, they then can see what might happen if it falls into the hands of their competitors. When we contact a corporate prospect and present our car service or limousine service in Philadelphia, we will always try to highlight how our reliability and overall professional image can many times be a resource. Especially when we are providing executive airport service to their prospects or clients.
  • Keep Additional Ammunition Ready – Always try to keep some more bullets in the chamber.
Maybe there is a better metaphor but I do want to be clear. This is all about the momentum. You may assume you are in agreement but you never really know what doubts are taking place during the sale. As you move closer towards your objective, be prepared to add more encouragement to your prospect. Maybe you have a new case study you can present. Maybe there was a recent press release or other type of media coverage. Have a story that you are ready to share with your prospect that continues to add confidence to the growing relationship.
  • Be Prepared To Walk Away – Not every deal is closed so you must be prepared for this and have a professional strategy.
I can’t tell you how many of our ground transportation passengers have shared stories like these. It is quite interesting what we learn from one of our executive car service clients on their way to an airport and the stories we hear from a corporate client when we are providing limo or sedan service from the airport, back to the office. Depending on your outlook and perspective, you can turn these sometimes painful realities into positive experiences.
We offer these insights as a result of the great relationships we have with our corporate clients who use our executive car service and airport limo services every day. The more we succeed, the more value we can bring to our entire audience. The goal is that you use this blog and our website as a resource or even authority on many business related challenges, issues and ideas. Of cource we are here to provide the most reliable corporate sedan service available anywhere but why not do more.
For a rate quote on executive car service or limo service to Philadelphia Airport, JFK Airport, Newark Airport or Atlantic City, call us directly at (888) 258-9555 or just click the link on the left. Please feel welcome to add any feedback that you feel would be of benefit to the business community.
More Tools To Help Your Sales Pop!

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