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Love the Pittsburgh Pirates? Why Not Fly South for Spring Training?

“What?  Too cold for baseball?” you say?  But you love the Pittsburgh Pirates and you would love to get out of the snow and ice?  Ah… the great news is you will have plenty of reason to fly down to Florida, to watch your beloved team during Spring training in March.

The schedule of the Pirates Spring Training runs all along the Tampa Bay, Southwest Gulf Coast, and boy is it warm and beautiful.

“Season” (as the locals call it) is here  – that time of year when the “blue coats” come down to visit the “grey coats” and enjoy that Southern hospitality and warmth!

In addition to the Pirates you will want to take in all that the Gulf Coast has to offer – and it’s a lot!  Make sure to check out the visitors bureau’s in each of the cities you plan to visit, and expect prices to be high.  Season is the time when Florida makes its money on tourism the most.  But boy is it worth it.

Imagine the fresh, sunny air – not too hot, not too old and a clear sky as you watch your beloved Pirates play.  Enjoy the clean, beautiful beaches and all the wonderful views.  Night life and culture abound and you won’t want to miss Ybor City in Tampa,   as well as the John and Mable Ringling Museum in Sarasota.  Bradenton holds the famous Bolletieri Tennis Academy

You’ll come back to the North refreshed and relaxed!  Don’t forget to reserve your car or limo to or from any of these major airports: Philadelphia, Newark, JFK, , or Baltimore

Love the Pittsburgh Pirates? Why Not Fly South for Spring Training?

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My company had an international artist picked up at JFK and dropped off in Philadelphia, and the artist had the best time. The driver kept in touch with me throughout the day, so we could plan for arrival, and our artist had the most wonderful experience with the driver. That’s really astounding considering our artist had just gotten off a red-eye from across the world. Thank you so very much!

Meredith S.


Great customer service- tracking my flight, noting it was going to land 40 minutes early…and making the adjustment so someone was there to meet me at the airport early! Also, receiving a confirmation email 24 hours prior was reassuring as well. Thank you!!

Lynly C.


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