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Limousine Service & Social Media

Improving Limousine & Executive Car Service Through Social Media.

3 short questions for the limousine or executive car service customer.

With the advent of social media, it is now easier to understand and support the needs of a customer.

With this in mind, we are taking this opportunity in the form of a blog post to ask you, the customer, directly, about some of the preferences you have when choosing ground transportation travel to your local airport.

The Corporate Sedan Service has been providing limousine and executive car service in the city of Philadelphia since 1996. One of our primary goals is to consistently remain in step with their customers. Today, we are hoping you may help us and maybe other ground transportation providers to provide you better and more affordable limousine, sedan or van service to your airport or other destination. We have posted relevant questions below in the form of a blog post. But, we will also be using other social media platforms to ask these questions and improve our limousine service in Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state area, including JFK Airport, Newark Airport and Atlantic City.

We understand that your time is extremely valuable and in short supply. So, we thank you right up front with sincerity for taking some of this time to answer the questions below. There are only 3 questions and remember the goal is to help you have the ability to secure the limousine or executive car service you need to make your travel life easier and with less hassle. This is one of the major benefits of using social media to speak directly with our limousine customers.

3 questions:

Number 1: Which type of vehicle do you normally higher for airport travel?

Number 2: Which type of service do you normally use for airport travel?

Number 3: What is typically the largest challenge you experience when arranging airport travel?

We have prepared 2 different ways that you can answer these 3 questions. The 1st is simply to leave your answers as a comment on this blog post below. The other is to use this link and or just click on any of the questions above.

Please keep in mind, that if you do require limousine, executive car or any other type of ground transportation services in any major city, you can get a free quote here or call us directly at (877) 801-6140.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. We sincerely appreciate your valuable time and will use your answers to improve our limousine and sedan services in Philadelphia as well as all other major metropolitan areas.

Limousine Service & Social Media

Clients Testimonials

Check out what our clients have to say about their experience with us.


Our first experience with your company and it was excellent. The driver was on time, courteous and knowledgeable. The car was clean, comfortable and quiet. We would certainly use your service again and will recommend.

Loretta M. H.


Great customer service- tracking my flight, noting it was going to land 40 minutes early…and making the adjustment so someone was there to meet me at the airport early! Also, receiving a confirmation email 24 hours prior was reassuring as well. Thank you!!

Lynly C.


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