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Keys to International Business Success

If you want to have a successful international business, proper etiquette and communication can make or break your success! 

Because technology has made it simple to talk with anyone, anywhere in the World, (and at any time), the keys to international business success today is becoming as common as it previously was with your neighbor down the street.  We do business with people through webinars, teleseminars, Skype and e-mail.  There are no limits of time and space anymore.  This is opening up opportunities that never existed before for many businesses to grow.  It has also brought more competition into the workplace with people from many different countries vying for the same positions and contracts.


So, the keys to international business success are in you understanding that although as human beings we are all similar, varying cultural beliefs and customs must be considered very carefully.  To make it even more challenging, keep in mind that in addition to considering cultural differences on issues and practices, there is still the variable of personality styles and left vs. right-brain thinking!  People and communication skills are probably the most valuable assets you will develop!

The primary and most important of the keys to international business success is that of knowing more about your prospect before you even begin contact.  If you are going to travel to your prospect’s Country then before you fly, take time to familiarize yourself with the following (“laundry list” below).  These issues are important to know whether you are traveling to them, or they are traveling to you, as well as whether you are on Skype or webinars with them.  What can you learn about their…

  • International business practices
  • Business customs and protocol
  • Holidays
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Negotiating
  • Women in business – status and views; also gender issues in business
  • Etiquette (hand shakes, bowing, eye contact)
  • Business entertainment/gift giving
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Business hours/etiquette (do they take siestas?  Do they do business evenings? Weekends?
  • Health advice/precautions/security issues/travel advisories/ vaccines
  • Views on family issues


Discuss the special issues which may arise with your colleagues and co-workers before you engage with a foreign prospect. What situations may arise, given the venue (i.e., online communication without visual takes even greater consideration of eommunication through written language vs. video or in-person encounters where customs and practices may differ greatly.) Is it proper to shake a woman’s hand in that Country? Do they have a different meaning for a word than we do here in America, even if your prospect is from a primarily English-speaking culture (like Australia or England)?

Among the most important keys to international business success is that of keeping an open mind and being flexible.  It may open doors that you did not know existed. We all can learn from others and what better way to cross our cultural boundaries and expand our businesses and selves as we all live on the same planet…

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Keys to International Business Success

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