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June Wedding Planning in a Hurry!

There is a big challenge for couples who get engaged in the spring, planning a June wedding.

With less than three months to plan there is much to do.  Most weddings require reservations at reception halls, with caterers and many other services months to a year or more in advance.  But quickie weddings aren’t impossible though, as this book by Jennifer L. Shawne explains a way to thoroughly plan a wedding in less than four months!

Wedding plans require you and your love to sit down together, figure out your budget, figure out where you want to have the ceremony and who will officiate.  But that is far from all…

Details, Details, Details:

*When will you announce the engagement and wedding date?

*Where will you be traveling to for your honeymoon?  Will you need passports?  Would it help to get a travel agent to get you the best deal, even though your trip is only a few months away?

Send out your invitations, and keep them simple to eliminate long waits on printing fancy June Wedding Planning engraving and such.  It is possible to get invitations in a hurry.

*Register for gifts

*Find a place for a reception.  If your favorite places are booked you may need to see if there is a family member who will hold the reception at their home.

*Shop for your dress

*Choose the bridesmaids dresses

*Choose what the groom and the groomsmen will wear

*Hire the caterer

*Hire the florist (many June brides choose only flowers in bloom summer blooms at that time of year.  Some brides make sure the flowers coincide with their wedding colors.

*Arrange for the limousines

*Choose your cake

*Buy your rings (if you’re getting them engraved do it right away).

*Apply for the marriage license six to eight weeks before the ceremony.

*Have a book in which you record all RSVPs

*Book nail and hair appointments for the day of the ceremony and double check they are solid two weeks prior.

*Send a formal announcement to the local paper

*Hire your DJ or live entertainment.  If they are booked you can get away with your own playlist on an MP3 player hooked up to a sound system.

*Have the rings sized

*Make sure all wedding party members understand their duties

*Pick up suits and dresses from the tailor or seamstress and tend to last-minute alterations

*Book the restaurant for the wedding party dinner.

*Pick out your maid of honor and bridesmaids’ gifts, and your best man and groomsmen’s gifts.


Are you hyperventilating yet?

Remember to set aside some time that has nothing to do with the wedding so you and your love can just spend quality time together.  Quickie weddings run the risk of a much higher stress level, so pace yourselves.

Here are some additional resources:

  1. For the “do-it-yourselfer” wedding planning here is a free online planner.
  2. Whether your wedding is in June or any month of the year, here is a time line planning checklist that will really help




June Wedding Planning in a Hurry!

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