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6 Tips to Relieve Holiday Travel Stress

Is the thought of holiday travel already stressing you out?

It’s that time of year again, yes, the holidays are upon us!  It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends while increasing our waistlines and stress-levels. While it’s better to just accept that we’ll have to work off the extra pounds in the New Year, like we do over and over again, it’s the stress part that has us… well… stressed.

There’s a lot of unavoidableholiday travel, seeing that relative that you just don’t quite mesh with, and dealing with the gifts.

It’s ironic, because this is the one time of year where we’re supposed to forget our troubles (shouldn’t they be “miles away?”), yet, troubles always seem to creep their way in.

This year, I have some ideas to help you keep that blood pressure low…  well, lower, anyhow. Here are 6 tips that will help with your holiday travel woes.

1. Fly smart

  • The earlier your flight the better, as most of you know, so start now by shopping around for the best rates
  • Fly on non-peak days
  • Avoid layovers at all costs – flights often are delayed this time of year due to weather and the sheer amount of travelers, and missing a connection can destroy your entire itinerary

2. Lock in a ride to and from the airport

This will eliminate dealing with traffic, parking hassles, and those ridiculous airport fees.  Not to mention, being driven gives you a few minutes to relax after you’ve packed, and before you reach the family celebrations.

As an early gift to the family, arrange your transportation from the airport to your destination.

3. Pack as light and ship your gifts ahead of time

The TSA discourages wrapped packages, so ship your gifts, prewrapped ahead of time. Why not even include your liquids while you’re at it?

This help you avoid stress if and when your checked bags are lost or misplaced. Heck, you could avoid checking bags altogether, which means skipping the big lines and the waiting around when you arrive.

4. Charge your electronics before you go

With the increase of travelers, electrical outlets are in high demand, and it’s always a hassle to have to plug in between flights.

5. Give yourself a distraction during the flight

Download a movie onto your computer, bring a pair of earplugs or headphones, so you can relax and avoid the chatter that keeps you from being able to sleep or get lost in your thoughts.

Bring multiple things too, because you never know when you’re going to experience a delay or get bored with your usual magazine or paper.

6. Pack snacks

Not all flights have something to offer, and when hunger strikes, there goes your mood. Most airline snacks are expensive, and selection is limited, so save yourself by packing your favorite snack.  

It’s also important to keep up with your health during this time.  Make sure to pack some vitamins and simple cold medicines, too – under 3 ounces for your liquids, of course.



Try to remember to enjoy yourself this holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the things that weigh us down, but this is a time for enlightenment, relaxation, and checking our brains out for a few days.

If you’re looking for a ride to the airport to knock out number 2 on this list, click HERE.

Looking for another way to alleviate your stress this year? Download this free holiday travel tips checklist:


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6 Tips to Relieve Holiday Travel Stress

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