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How to Prevent your Business Travelers from Burnout

As the travel manager, there are little things you can do to make a big difference in the stress level of your travelers.


Getting to know your team is an important step for ensuring your teams success while on the road. 

You are their life line for last minute changes, you keep them organized for the duration of the trip, by knowing their small habits and likes you can help prevent them from burning out.

Connect with your team to learn their personal motivations, why and what makes them tick.  Once you have established relationship with your team, use the connections to better their time on the road. Once you know more about your team give a little comfort of personalization in your travel management.  

We already know that you are highly organized and plan strategically, so here are a few more suggestions to keep your team going.

  1. prioritize fitness

We all know that exercise does a mind a body good!  Keep your team on their normal fitness routines.  If you know a traveler prefers to hike or enjoy walking trails, take a moment to look into that area to find hotels near that are conveniently located.  There are also many national work out chains, ask your team members to let you know about any memberships they have and let them know where they can find one during their business trip.

  1.  Allow Time for rest

Physical burnout is one of the worst feelings for a road warrior.  With a little help of your scheduling you may be able to give your team the much needed rest during business travel that they need.  Make sure to allow for a day of down time after 5 on the road.  If timing is not an issue, have arrivals in destination cities be at a normal hour of the day where your traveler can easily grab a bite to eat, and have a moment to relax before any scheduled meetings.

  1. Provide consistency

You’re providing an valuable resource to your team by arranging their travel.  Your team will find comfort in the familiarity of using the same airlines, booking at the same national hotel chains, using the car service that has always been reliable. The bonus here is that they also get to obtain the loyalty points, to use for their personal travel.

  1. Suggest the sights

Traveling for business doesn’t always allow for your team to get to experience the city they are in.  If they have a free moment, wouldn’t it be great for them to look at their trip itinerary for some type of local interest.  Yes, there are apps that they can download to provide this, as the travel manager, if you know someone your team has an obsession with cupcakes, why not spend 5 minutes to search for the best cupcake in that city, and provide that info to them!  

Business travel can be stressful for your team for so many reasons, not only due to work projects, but travel delays, uncomfortable hotels and poor time scheduling can be grueling.  Give your team the support and organization to make you all successful.


At Corporate Sedan Service, let us focus on your transportation needs, by creating a corporate account, where you can easily make car reservations, receive e-mail confirmations and change travel on the fly.  

Download our free Travel Management Tool to organize your teams itinerary:

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How to Prevent your Business Travelers from Burnout

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