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How and Why to Plan Your Corporate Event in Philadelphia

There are two main reasons we think choosing a big city for corporate gatherings or meetings is the way to go.

First, we call it the “rule of plenty”. Plenty of flights, plenty of hotels, plenty of restaurants and plenty to do! Second, we believe that people will get more excited about coming together in a large city they have never visited or rarely get to experience. When planning a corporate event, you are likely taking that person away from their family and regular life, so in addition to being valuable for work, the trip should be personally valuable too. You can make something personally valuable by making an effort to make it enjoyable. Consider things like, time of year, likability of that destination, hotels, restaurants and of course, cost.

Once you have picked Philadelphia as your destination, it is time to pick a hotel and arrange a book of rooms. Most of the areas we would recommend staying are located in downtown, or “Center City” as locals call it. Our favorites are the Historic Area and the Convention Center Area.

The Historic Area

The Historic area offers all the things someone visiting the city for the first time might be interested in. In addition to a wide selection of hotels to choose from, there are countless activities that are only a short walk or ride away. From multiple museums, to buildings nearly 300 years old, famous sites like the Liberty Bell, charming public parks, access to the Schuylkill River, boat tours, concert venues and last but not least numerous eclectic and acclaimed restaurants. If you are particularly interested in the history that Philadelphia has to offer, we recommend checking out this blog where the Philly History Blog covers many of the must-sees in Philly and fun facts and stories about the city’s past.

The Convention Center Area

The Convention Center Area, our second favorite part of downtown, is near the historic area but a little more business focused. There are still plenty of convenient hotels to choose from and restaurants to visit, and most importantly, it is incredibly close to the convention center which of course makes convention-focused meetings easier.

We know that when you are planning a corporate event/ retreat, it isn’t all about business, your travelers will love the energetic night-life Philadelphia has to offer. However, they and you should always be sure to arrange a safe ride to and from any nighttime activities. Corporate car cervices give you the luxury of a clean & safe car, there to pick you up or drop you off wherever, and whenever you need it.

Plan Ahead

Whether you are planning to take 5 or 200 people to Philadelphia for your event, you will want to make sure to keep the itinerary fair and organized. Remember to leave plenty of time for travelers to get to and from the airport, give plenty of short breaks between meetings, have snacks available throughout the day, and if meals are not planned, don’t forget to make suggestions of varying types and cuisines.

Lastly, remember to give your travelers some time for themselves! Maybe you would like to consider sharing a link like this one to a blog post where The Wandering Gourmand outlined how to see Philadelphia as a business traveler? A good time to share tips and tricks with your traveler is when you send details about the itinerary for the trip. Many people appreciate ideas for things they can do during a break instead of going back to their room. Here are some of our favorites from the link above:

1. Rise and shine early, before it is time for the first meeting to start, and take a walk down Chestnut Street to Independence Hall. There is ton’s to see in that area of downtown.

2. Don’t forget to have your camera (or smart phone) available to take a few pictures if the interesting places and things you see along the way. It is always fun to share a picture or two with friends and family or even on social media to show how much fun your travel is.

3. When you come upon a historical building on your walk, there is likely a museum quality placard out front that will explain what you are standing in front of. You can enjoy a walk while learning some cool stuff too!


We know that there are countless important elements that are pivotal to planning a corporate event where people are traveling to one destination. Maybe you are looking for a new spot for your annual meeting or retreat, or maybe your’e planning your first ever trip. Either way, we think Philadelphia is the way to go.
Our final recommendation is one that many people regularly forget, that is, ground transportation. Getting to and from meetings, meals or special events can be a pain. So we recommend arranging for a corporate car service. The peace of mind associated with knowing you have a ride to and from the airport or during rush hour to a business dinner is invaluable. If you want to learn more about why a corporate car service is better than a cab service or ride sharing app, we hope you will check our last blog found here.

We wish you the best of luck planning your event, and whether you chose Philadelphia or not, we have a helpful tool to keep your team’s travel plans organized. Click here to download the Travel Management Tool for free and check out this blog post explain how to best utilize it.

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How and Why to Plan Your Corporate Event in Philadelphia

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