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Healthy Eating for Business Travelers…a Series

Eating healthy can be a big challenge for businesspeople who do a lot of travelling.

Whether by car or air, much of what is available would be having to fight hard NOT to call it “junk food.”

Healthy eating for business travelers on the interstates is a huge challenge.  We see fast food a plenty where there used to be Mom and Pop restaurants with home-made cooking.  Many gas stations have shelves lined with junk snacks and the like.  Some have partnered up with some of the most well-known fast-food chains and the fare offered is mostly full of bad fats, calorie-loaded, carb-loaded and low on nutrition.

healthy eating for the business traveler?

Healthy eating for business travelers in airports isn’t much better.  Most of the fast-food chains have found their way all throughout the terminals, with very few restaurants that offer salads, fresh fruit and healthier possibilities for a solid, but low-fat, low calorie, high nutrition meal.

Traveling is already physically challenging but when you add to that the junk diet you would be hard-pressed to stay alert, fresh and energized.  Let’s see how you can avert the stomach ache and artery-clogging choices.

As the first in a series of articles on healthy eating for the business traveler, we’ll start with good choices for breakfast.  Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.  Rule of thumb is DO eat breakfast.  If you can get protein in at breakfast all the better.  Try to keep it light.  Don’t weigh yourself down with a huge breakfast.  You’ll find your energy lasts much longer and

Here are some healthy suggestions:

*Oatmeal without tons of sugar.  Add fresh fruit.  A little milk is okay, but skip the cream, as it contains higher fat content.  If you need sweetener or extra flavor ask for cinnamon and use a teaspoon of honey.

*Egg white omelets, veggie omelets and requesting they cook with very little to no butter is another good option.  Skip the high fat cheeses too. Ask them if they have a low-fat cheese if you really need it.

*Bran muffins or whole grain toast are good ideas. Just don’t heap on jams and jellies filled with sugar, and don’t glom a lot of butter. A little dab will do you!

*Beware the continental breakfast bars at hotels. They temp you with sausage, bacon, danish and the like. Stick with whole grain cereal and low fat milk, yogurt, hard boiled eggs and fresh fruit.

With a little bit of effort and willpower, healthy eating for business travelers can be easy “tweaks” of your usual fare.

-Go from high fat to low,

-High sugar content to low,

-White bread to whole grain, to start.

You can navigate your way around the junk food and maintain your healthy diet while on a long road trip with just a little bit more planning and effort. You’ll feel healthier, more alert, and have more fun.

In the next few installments of Healthy Eating for Business Travelers we’ll talk about lunches, dinners and snack items.  We’ll also talk about how to stop eating from boredom while in-flight or on the road.

Another great resource on healthy eating for the business traveler to check out: http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/healthy-eating-while-traveling-recipe.html

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Healthy Eating for Business Travelers…a Series

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