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Great Jazz In Philadelphia

Looking for Great Music in Philadelphia? – It’s a Hot Spot!

Philadelphia is literally flowing over with music and there are choices for every taste!  If you’re a jazz lover you’ll find year-round jazz music in Philadelphia is world class.  There are many jazz styles, great original jazz clubs, concerts and visiting artists you won’t want to miss.

If you live in Philadelphia you know that it is rich with all of the performing and visual arts. There are so many opportunities for a great evening of music entertainment.  To keep you abreast of all the happenings when it comes to music in Philadelphia, we decided the first week of each month to focus in greater depth on one genre of music.

The jazz enthusiasts from all over the Country know all about Philadelphia’s annual Philadelphia United Jazz Festival.  Reams of visitors head for Philly to listen to the kind of music that fills their ears (and their souls) with joy.  We know!  We escort many a visitor in our sedans and limousines to and from this event, and many other major events with comfortable style.

The who’s who in jazz perform in this now famous annual event.  It began in 2003 when Graziella D’Amelio and Warren Oree of LifeLine Music Coalition decided to put their own money into creating the very first Philadelphia Jazz and Poetry Festival.  It was a three-day event with 14 mostly free venues.  Their goals was to promote jazz music in Philly in a showcase format that would gather support from jazz enthusiasts and the Philadelphia business community as well.

The goal of LifeLine Music Coalition, Inc. had a goal to raise awareness, influence (and opportunities to showcase), the many forms and styles of jazz artists in Philadelphia.  And raise awareness it did.  In addition to the annual Festival, almost any night of the week there is an original jazz club or other jazz hot spot entertaining well into the night.

Just a few of some of the jazz hot spots you’ll find include:

  • Chris’ Jazz Café
  • LaRose Jazz Club
  • Relish
  • Melodies Café
  • Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
  • Paris Bistro
  • Friday Night Jazz
  • Smooth Jazz Summer Nights
  • Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz
  • Art After 5
  • Jazz and R&B Happy Hour
  • Time
  • World Cafe Live – Philadelphia
  • Wine, Dine and Jazz
  • Jazz Bridge and Friends of Hawthorne Park
  • Doug Lasala Smooth Jazz Night and last, but not least
  • Warmdaddy’s

Jazz has a rich history. The primary source and foundation of rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll and country music, Jazz origins stretch back to as early as the 1800’s.  The rich sounds of the blues music of African Americans drew people into the music because it touched them.  It was about the good, the bad and the ugly of life and it was real.

Born in 1961 internationally acclaimed musician/composer Wynton Marsalis says New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz.  In the 1900’s New Orleans streets were filled with a grand music melting pot of the echoes of traditional African drums, ragtime, hymns, blues, folk, opera and marching bands.  Marsalis says “When all of these kinds of music blended into one, jazz was born.”

Where is your next “date” with jazz music in Philly?  Because it is another well-known tradition for some of the best of jazz, don’t miss Tuesday night at Warmdaddy’s Blues Jam sessions he hosts.  The line up includes the house band for starters and jam session players and singers of varieties of jazz sounds.  It’s a perfect evening of great food with great music and great people.

Truly the choices are endless to satisfy the jazz devotee and those “newbies” who want to sample jazz music in Philadelphia at its finest.  If you’re visiting Philadelphia for the first time don’t miss this rich experience.  If you’re a local, or live in the surrounding areas and you want a great night on the town at one of these truly unique jazz clubs or events, we’ll get you there in style!  Click here for a special discount coupon.

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Great Jazz In Philadelphia

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