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Great Ideas for Philadelphia Business Holiday Celebrations

It’s that time of year again… holiday season in Philadelphia, with all the trimmings. And it’s the best time of year to show some staff/employee appreciation, entertain visiting corporate contacts, and to get ready for another new and profitable business year by taking a little time to decompress from the old one.

Have you already made your plans to celebrate the holidays with your business associates? Even if you made your plans well in advance, we have a few great tips that will help make for even more memorable occasions to ring in the new year with your business and corporate colleagues.

Philadelphia Business Holiday Ideas

If you want to show company and corporate associates a great time this holiday, there are many great options, such as entertainment, cruises, who-dunnit’s and more. Sometimes it’s nice just to enjoy some lighthearted laughter and idle mingling time with our colleagues after office hours.

But there are also some added touches that can really make your event ‘pop’… for celebrations that’ll be reminisced about at the ‘water cooler’ for weeks to come. Corporate visitors in particular want more FUN stuff to do during their travels… a chance to let off a little steam and re-charge the batteries after all the stodgy meetings and hotel-room views they’ve had to endure throughout the year.

Here are a few ideas to help liven up the holiday for your Philadelphia company or corporation:

Even the most non-nonsense among us can enjoy a themed holiday party. This give us a chance to step outside of ourselves and just be part of another ‘place’ for awhile. Here are some cool theme ideas for your corporate holiday party:

  • 50s, 60s or 70s theme – host an old fashioned sock hop, break out your flowery headwear and beads, or get hip in your silk shirt and denim bell bottoms.
  • Hawaiian theme – everybody loves a luau! Soothing steel drums, grass skirts, flaming tiki torches – all in a relaxing beach-like setting.
  • Nerds theme – this one is a no-brainer for some of those techy types in your office… but such fun to have a good laugh, complete with pocket protectors, thick-rimmed glasses (taped bridge optional) and high-waisted polyester pants pulled clear up to the neckline.
  • Historic Characters theme – here’s your chance to don Pocahontas’ feathers, Day Crockett’s coon skin cap, or Tom Sawyer’s weather-worn overalls, (shoes optional).
  • Masquerade Party theme – imagine the fun of trying to identify your associates without seeing their faces… a game and a party all in one!

Other options for less conventional holiday business parties include:

The Amazing Chase

Teams race around the city following route markers, encountering road blocks, and working their way through unique challenges, fun detours and a variety of interactive tasks before racing back to the finish line.

For more info: www.americanoutback.net/events/amazing_chase.php

CI: The Crime Investigators

The theme of forensic investigation adapted into an entertaining group format, allowing teams to compete in a creative and exciting activity. Teams must work together to navigate their way through a series of crime scenes.

For more info: www.philadelphiateambuilding.com/teambuilding_ci.php

Corporate Entertainment Cruises

Cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia or Freedom Elite with dining, entertainment and stunning harbor views. Onboard event planners and packages are on hand to accommodate all your event planning needs for unforgettable holiday parties.

For more info: www.entertainmentcruises.com/Groups/Philadelphia/corporate

Corporate Events at Dave & Busters

This venue has everything you need to throw a spectacular holiday party. Event planners, accommodations for groups of nearly any size, and an executive billiards room that’s sure to be a hit with the bigwigs.

For more info: www.daveandbusters.com/events/plan-your-event/corporate-events

Murder Mysteries

A customized Philadelphia Murder Mystery dinner show customized for the group and venue. Attendees examine clues, interrogate suspects, evaluate alibis and solve the mystery!

For more info: www.theyimprov.com/philadelphia-murder-mystery.htm

Party in the Park Company Picnic

An ideal event to create a social, inclusive atmosphere for your company. Professional event planners handle the entire planning process and create a memorable event with great food, entertainment and fun activities.

For more info: www.philadelphiateambuilding.com/entertainment-company-picnics.php

Wild Goose Chase Smartphone Scavenger Hunt

A smartphone-powered photo scavenger hunt full of ‘smart’ socially-oriented missions and hilarious challenges – attendees to have an absolute blast together!

For more info: http://www.funteambuilding.net/smartphone-scavenger-hunt.php

Corporate Transportation Services

Another stand-out means of providing a memorable holiday celebration for your Philadelphia business associates and corporate visitors is to provide chauffeured transportation for your attendees. This not only makes your colleagues and staff feel like the real VIPs in your organization, it also lets them know that you care about their comfort and safety.

At Corporate Sedan Service, we have been specializing in corporate travel services in the Philadelphia area since 1996, and we understand the importance of luxurious and reliable transportation for your business.

When you have your Philadelphia business holiday celebration plans in place, remember to check with us for a fast, free online rate quote to see how cost-effective it can be to bring that extra shot of cheer to your loyal staff and valued company colleagues.

Just click the button below to request your rate quote now, and we’ll respond promptly with your information:

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Great Ideas for Philadelphia Business Holiday Celebrations

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