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Great Conventions In Philadelphia

2 More Great Conventions Being Held In Philadelphia Next Year.

We highlight 2 or 3 upcoming conventions in the city of Philadelphia on this blog series. Take a look, sign up and consider those Philadelphia conventions that appeal to you most.

The 2013 Mummers Show of Shows:

I can tell you from first hand experience and as a resident of Philadelphia for more than 35 years… The Mummers Parade is a “must see”. There is nothing like it in all the land and may deserve to be on your bucket list. Next year on February 23 taking place at the legendary Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City New Jersey will be the incredible Mummers bands. If you have never seen that historic Mummers Bands in the great city of Philadelphia or Atlantic City, your time is coming up soon. Come see the prize-winning performances and truly spectacular costumes at these string bands will perform for you. The Showtime is 3:00 PM on February 23 of 2013.

This year, at his store at Boardwalk Hall, this fantastic tradition continues. For more than 100 years the city of Philadelphia has been dazzled each and every new year by the great spectacle of music and showmanship in one of this country’s longest and oldest folk parades. This year, there will be 16 string that that will perform their usual New Year’s Day presentation by string bands and other acts that have been participating for decades.

Believe it or not actual Mummers traditions date as far back as 400 BC. The Mummers explain it this way from their own website: this tradition started at the Roman festival of Saturnalias where lab workers marched in mass throughout the day satire and gift exchange. This included Celtic variations of trick-or-treat engine and Druidic noisemaking to drive away demons for the new year. The 1st official Mummers Parade was held on January 1, 1901 and it was the city Philadelphia that offer prize money. This has become a Philadelphia ritual ever since and if it’s something that you have never seen here is your chance.

The New York City Dance Alliance:

In 2013, The New York Dance Alliance is holding its convention in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This fact Your event will be held February 9th and 10th 100 miles south of New York City. NYCDA is always offering professional weekend conventions that include workshop classes from their highly skilled faculty. This is a great example of one of these experiences being held in Philadelphia next year. We can say from first-hand experience, this is something you will not want to miss. NYCDA creates experiences that no other dance convention prepared to offer. You will see how this organization supports and encourages dancers of all ages. Just take a sneak peak at the video clip below and you will get a great feel of the energy and excitement brought to each NYCDA event.

Both of these events become easier and a more enjoyable experience when you have the right transportation. Let us help plan the travel to each of these events in one of our late model limousines, sedans or vans. Even if you prefer to drive from New York City to Philadelphia for the NYCDA performance, we can make it happen so you have one less thing to worry about. Call us at 888-258-9555 or click on the “Rate Quote” image to the left.

Great Conventions In Philadelphia

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